Harsh Chhaya Opens Up About His Role On Rangbaaz Phirse And His Absence From TV

Harsh Chhaya who worked in popular TV shows Hasratein and Tara tells us how working in digital series feels like the old days again.

Harsh Chhaya in a still from Rangbaaz 2

Harsh Chhaya, a veteran actor from films and TV is in a mood to experiment. Once a popular actor on TV with roles in iconic ZeeTV shows like Tara (1993) and Hasratein (1996) among others. His roles in movies like Fashion (2008) and Company (2002), were impactful and the movies became cult hits. These days he is open to trying new things and he started that journey by writing and directing Khajoor Pe Atke (2018). The highly anticipated Rangbaaz Phirse released on 20 December 2019 where Harsh Chhaya played a politician in his first web series.

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1. You play the role of a politician in Rangbaaz Phirse. Can you tell us more about the character? 

He’s caught up in the fighting among politicians. He’s the person who is all out to ruin the opposition and how low or how bad he will get to win votes. So that’s more or less my character.

2. The trailer of Rangbaaz crossed 7 million views on YouTube. What was the early reaction you got for the show? 

Anybody who knows me or wants to see my work was excited to see me in the trailer. They liked the look of the show and they were happy to see me in it, so I was also quite excited for it.

3. You’ve done a lot of work with ZeeTV early in your career with shows like Tara, Hasratein and Justujoo. Now after a while you are working with ZEE5. Does this feel like your career has come full circle? 

No, I wouldn’t see it like that. I have done a lot of work for Zee and haven’t done anything with them for a while now. It’s nice to work with them after very long. I am happy about that and I hope I get to do more with them now.

4. Since you were a part of the early path-breaking TV shows, how do you feel about the kind of content on TV now? 

Well my absence from TV should explain how I feel about it. (laughs) Because as of now the kind of roles that I am getting and liking are from web series. Nothing on TV really interests me now.

4. You’ve worked for almost 3 decades in the industry. How has the experience been and how much do you think digital content is changing the game?

I had a good time. I came from Delhi, hoping to act a little. I’m getting to act still and I’m glad for it. I wrote and directed a movie last year, Khajoor Pe Atke. I want to thank God for web series arriving on the scene because I was going on saying no to TV roles and building up my confidence. Web series now, is like the work on TV we were used to doing before.

5. The tagline for Rangbaaz Phirse is ‘#NotBornACriminal,’ do you feel the line fits the bill? 

The tagline fits the show and it is made for the show. We don’t make a show around a tagline. The show is trying to say that people don’t want to become criminals. Now if that excuse is valid or not is another topic we explored on the show, but the crux is that no one wants to have a life of crime.

6. What was it like working with a cast including Jimmy Sheirgill, Sharad Kelkar and Sushant Singh? 

I had a lot of fun with the people on set. I worked with Jimmy Sheirgill and work director Sachin Patil for the first time and it was a great experience. Sushant Singh and Sharad Kelkar I have already worked with before so that bonding was also there. Yeah one thing is I did not expect Jimmy to be such a humble person and I have a lot of scenes with him on the show.

Have you watched the show yet? What did you think about his role and the entire second season on Rangbaaz? Let us know in the comments below. Watch another unique story about women who become champion shooters in their 60’s in ‘Saand Ki Aankh‘ streaming on ZEE5