Hawala Trailer: Fast-Paced Betting In Hyderabad’s Old City Is A Chase We Want To Watch

The trailer of Hawala is simple yet catchy. It gives us a peek into the fast-paced environment of the betting world with delicate details. Read more

Hawala First Look

ZEE5 Originals have always been the ones to grip your attention from the word go. The last Telugu show, Gods Of Dharmapuri has exceeded all expectations and bars that were previously set. The family-gangster saga, as the director prefers calling it, was the tale of a family who moves from nothing to supreme power. It’s intense, grim and yet emotional. The 10-episode series left us wanting for something more. While Season 2 is far away, there’s something new in the store once again to keep you entertained.

Watch the trailer of Hawala here:

The trailer of Hawala is a simple narrative that just gives us a peek into what we’re supposed to expect from the show. As seen in the first 10 seconds of the trailer, we can say that the tensions are soaring high and many lines are being crossed. As the wise once said, everyone crosses paths with you for a reason. That saying has been more literal and practical in the show – with the protagonist and the antagonist crossing paths, in the crowded and buzzing old city of Hyderabad.

Stills From Hawala Trailer
Stills From Hawala Trailer

This ZEE5 Original has two couples at the forefront of its story. They are Karan and Vani, Guna and Nisha. Through the lives of the couples, the show explores the avenues of spot-fixing, cricket-betting, money laundering, underground businesses, and more. The trailer also makes it evident that in the bigger picture, the show explores the lines of morality and ethics. The over-a-minute long trailer uses interesting shots, some cinegraphs and a background score that really makes the wait sweeter.

Hawala, as the name suggests, is the story of money-laundering. On the surface, it may seem to be a cat-and-mouse chase. But we’re sure that there’s more to what meets the eye. The six-episode series, starring Gourish Yeleti, Anoosha, Tarun Rohith, Jayashri, releases on November 21 on ZEE5

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