Here Are 5 Reasons To Watch Rajini And Raja Duo From ZEE5 Original Postman!

If you crave for a feel-good story with a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, catch ZEE5 Original Postman starring Munshikant & Keerthi Pandian.

father daughter duo

Featuring Munshikant and Keerthi Pandian in lead roles, Postman directed by Prashant Gunashekaran is an all-out entertainer that is surely going to excite you with its unique storyline. Postman follows the story of Raja, a postman who was unable to finish his duty of delivering several letters as he slips into a coma after an accident. The story gets interesting when he wakes up after 23 long years to fulfil his duty with his daughter Rajini.

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Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t miss this stunning father-daughter duo on ZEE5 Original Postman:

#1 Gripping On-screen Chemistry

Rajini and Raj
Rajini and Raja

Munshikant and Keerthi Pandian essays Raja and Rajini into perfection making the audience believe that they are a real father-daughter duo. They have their small fights and moments of differences but the two are willing to go forward with their plan to deliver all the letters. Even when Raja dozes off during their trips to several recipients, Rajini takes charge to know their whole story. The splendid on-screen chemistry between the two gives us many memorable moments throughout the show.

#2 New Stories every episode

Raja meets Rishi's mother (1)
A still from Postman

Unlike other soaps, Postman presents other viewers with new stories every episode. As the father-daughter duo starts delivering the letters, they find out that there are more than just words associated with each letter. The duo digs deep into everyone’s past to make things right and like in Chandrashekar’s case, it concludes with a happy ending.

#3 From murder mystery to Romance

Raja and his daughter goes to deliver the letters (1)
A still from Postman

Raja and Rajani are shocked to realise that they delivered the letter to a grieving father who finds the truth about his son’s murder. Another letter leads the duo into Chandrashekar’s life, who realises why his girlfriend broke up with him in college. From tales of romance to solving murder mysteries, the show takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride.

#4 The importance of letters

A still from Postman

The show takes an interesting turn in each episode when undelivered letters reveal something the father-daughter duo overlook about themselves. Rajini realises soon that Raja is not her biological father and asks him to help her find her parents. Handing over the letters act as a tool for the duo to find and understand the truth about themselves but only making them inseparable on the way.

#5 Feel-good stories

feel good stories
Feel-good stories

Postman directed by Prashant Gunashekaran is surely going to lift your mood with the many feel-good stories the letters unveil. Even with the many adventures they encounter, Raja and Rajini always find themselves on the bright side of each story. Postman is a simple take on the life of two individuals who go on a mission to make lives better as they deliver the letters.

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