Here Are 5 Reasons Why Subbu From Jothe Jotheyali Is The Ultimate Gentleman

Subbu from Jothe Jotheyali is not only a doting dad but also a loving husband. Here's why every woman needs a man like him in her life


Subbu from  Jothe Jotheyaliwho is also Anu’s father and Pushpa’s husband, has always proven to be the ideal gentleman that everyone would want in their life. Here are a few qualities of him that make him as perfect as he is.

He’s genuine

Subbu is absolutely genuine with people. Be it his love for his family or his honesty with his profession, he is always genuine and honest. Even when he explains to Anu why she shouldn’t be going to London before completing her studies, he does so by talking to her calmly and not yelling. He explains his concerns with regard to her traveling with Arya alone, an international trip.

He’s polite

Subbu is gentle and polite when it comes to communicating with someone. He does not put forth his point aggressively and yet, is firm when he voices his opinion. When he does not want Anu to go to London, he tells Arya the same in a very polite manner. He explains that even though he is grateful for every opportunity given to Anu, he prefers if she completed her graduation before taking such a big step of traveling abroad.

Subbu talks to Arya about the London trip
Subbu talks to Arya about the London trip

He’s caring

Subbu is extremely caring towards his daughter and wife. He is empathetic towards them in every situation and is so, not only towards Anu and Pushpa but also with regard to the society they live in. When their society faces the problem of garbage disposal, Subbu steps forward and speaks to the area manager on behalf of the members.

He’s loving

Subbu is warm and loving towards everyone around him. He is a loving husband and father, so much so, that they even tell him how safe they feel around him. When Pushpa and Subbu challenge each other to perform each other’s daily responsibilities, Subbu affectionately tells Pushpa how capable she is of running the house as well as she does.

A Still Of Pushpa, Anu And Subbu
Source: ZEE5

He’s fun-loving

Subbu is not only a responsible father and husband, but he is also a very good friend to their family. Thus, this makes it easy for the three to communicate with each other. They often play games at home and share several light moments together.

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