Here’s Why Sasikumar Thinks That The Girls Are The Real Heroes In Kennedy Club

Kennedy Club actor Sasikumar has stated that not the star power, but the female cast, are the real heroes of the film. Read his full quote.

A still from Kennedy Club

Kennedy Club actor Sasikumar has stated in an interview that the film’s real heroes are the female cast. For the uninitiated, the actor plays the role of a coach for an underprivileged girl’s kabaddi team in the movie. Divulging some details about his character in Kennedy Club, Sasikumar stated that he is not in the spotlight as the film’s entire focus is on the young girls playing kabaddi. Discussing the same, he quoted, “This film is very different for me; I’m not in the spotlight at all, and the focus is entirely on the young girls. They aren’t acting for the camera; they are real-life sportswomen for whom this film is just an extension of the sport they play everyday.”

Interestingly, the actor further admitted that he had to learn the sport again to perfect his role as the coach in the film. In fact, he actually got some training from the young girls on the set! Bemused by the situation, Sasikumar stated, “Of course, I have played kabaddi during my school and college days; it is something that is rooted in our culture after all. But I’ve had to practice again to make sure I can keep up with all the youngsters. It’s a little embarrassing while shooting honestly — I’m supposed to be teaching them to play, while it’s the other way around!”

The movie was released in August 2019 and is now available on ZEE5’s platform. You can watch the complete film right here! Along with Sasikumar, the film also stars Bharathraja, Meenakshi Govindaraj, Murli Sharma, Soori and more in pivotal roles. It has been directed by Suseenthiran. The movie opened to positive reviews, for promoting women empowerment through its narrative.

The story of Kennedy Club revolves around Savarimuthu (Bharathraja) Muruganandham (Sasikumar) an ex-army man, who has spent most of his life earnings on training underprivileged, yet skilled, women Kabaddi players in a village. His former student Muruganandham (Sasikumar), once a great Kabaddi player, is seen working in government Railways, a job that he gets, thanks to sports quota. Things are going perfectly well for both of them, when Savarimuthu collapses suddenly, due to a heart attack. Because of his weak condition, he asks Muruganandham to take charge and lead the women’s kabaddi team. Will he be able to take the team towards victory? Watch the complete film right here on ZEE5! The film is directed by Suseenthiran and produced by D. N. Thaisaravanan.

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