Here’s Why Thumbaa Is The Best Film You Can Watch With Your Kids This Lockdown

Directed by Harish Ram, Thumbaa is a 2019 fantasy aim, which aims at entertaining and educating young folks as well as their parents. A perfect watch!

Thumbaa poster

Being quarantined alone sounds exciting because you get to do everything you wish to. But being in isolation with one or a bunch of kids is not the same. Not only do parents have to feed and take care of them, but they also have to find ways to entertain them as well And if you are one such parent who is stuck with the idea of entertaining your child, we’ve got good news for you. Check it out.

Watch the film, Thumbaa, here:

In 2019, Tamil cinema saw a new wave of entertainment with director Harish Ram’s debut film, Thumbaa. It features Keerthi Pandian and Dheena along with Darshan, a debutante. The story of Thumbaa begins when three youngsters find out a local police officer’s evil plans of selling the tiger named Thumbaa, and its cub for money. Shot in the forests of Vagamon, Idukki, and Kumili, this movie is specifically designed to suit young audiences.

A still in Thumbaa
A still in Thumbaa

The director himself is an avid fan of children’s stories and loved Swat Katz. In an interview with a leading daily, the director said, “Writing a commercial script is something everyone does, but working on a children-centric storyline is a different challenge. It also helped me relive my childhood days.” It is said that Harish took cues from Hollywood cinema to find the perfect tone for Thumbaa.

Lead actor and director of Thumbaa
Lead actor and director of Thumbaa

Moreover, Harish makes the film an easy watch for the children and for their parents, by avoiding the incorporation of glamourous, obscene or romantic elements. What more could you ask for, right?

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