High Priestess Episode 2 Written Update: Ruby Uses Black Magic To Attain Eternal Beauty

As Ruby struggles to get rid of the evil spirit, she seeks Swathi's help. Will Swathi succeed in taking her out of this situation?

High Priestess

In the previous episode of High Priestess, Swathi, a tarot card reader and psychic, finds herself entangled in a missing person’s case. While she tries to solve the case, she finds herself in another puzzle. Swathi sees the spirit of a pregnant girl at her house and has a recurring nightmare of someone trying to kill her daughter. When she realises that the spirit is trying to tell her something and looks for the answers to her questions. Swathi not only solves the missing person’s case but also manages to help the spirit rest in peace by getting her justice for her death.

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In the second episode, Swathi is surprised to meet her new client Vikram, who also happens to be her college friend. The two catch up as they meet after a very long time. Swathi then asks Vikram about his married life and if he has daughters; Vikram tells her that he has no daughters and also reveals that he has not been able to do justice to his marriage since he always loved Swathi. Swathi then recalls her college days, when they used to date each other. Vikram then notices a doll at Swathi’s house and the latter narrates the story related to that possessed doll and how it affected a girl named Ruby, who was an air hostess by profession. She then tells him that Ruby had found this doll in a shop and was fascinated by its looks. When she decides to buy the doll, the shopkeeper tells her about the powers that the doll possesses. However, Ruby does not believe it and buys the doll anyway.

Swathi then tells Vikram about how Ruby starts losing her charm after marriage and to the extreme extent that she goes to attain eternal beauty. Ruby, who was happily married to her longtime beau and had a girl child with him, learns the truth about her husband which shatters her. Her husband, who is an industrialist, had an extra-marital affair. When Ruby finds out, she neither confronts him nor fights nor leaves the house but does something unimaginable. Ruby, who was scared to lose her husband, convinces herself that her husband is having an affair only because she has lost her charm and has been only focusing on her daughter all along. So, Ruby, who had never used the doll to her advantage, chooses to use it to attain eternal beauty. Will the possessed doll harm Ruby in anyway? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about High Priestess. The story revolves around Swathi Reddy, a tarot card reader and psychic, who deals with peculiar cases and clients that make her experience the supernatural powers around her. More information about her character and capabilities are revealed slowly. It is a 2019 thriller ZEE5 Tamil Original starring Amala Akkineni and Kishore Kumar in lead roles.

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