High Priestess Episode 3 Written Update: The Demonic Doll Kills The Exorcist

Ruby calls Swathi for help as the doll attacks her daughter Neha. As Swathi brings the doll to her home she also experiences demonic effect around her


In the previous episode of High Priestess, Swati’s college lover Vikram visits her. He gets intrigued by a doll kept in her cupboard. She tells Vikram the story of the demonic doll and how Ruby used it to regain her husband’s attention as he was having an extra-marital affair.

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In the third episode of High Priestess, Swathi continues to tell the story of Ruby and the demonic doll to Vikram. As Ruby gets prettier from the doll, Rishi starts admiring her but suddenly he is shocked upon hearing their daughter Neha cry from her room. He yells at Ruby for being careless with the doll when Neha tells them that the doll attacked her. Ruby notices that the Neha is ill but is overwhelmed by the doll’s power which made her enchanting.

As days went by, Ruby fears for the life of her daughter when she realises that her deteriorating health is due to the doll. Swathi comes to her aid and takes the doll to her house but begins to experience its demonic effect. As Swathi’s daughter starts experiencing similar illness like Neha, she decides to give the doll to a Christian priest who agrees to exorcize the ancient demon in the doll.

Swathi tells Vikram about how the carelessness from the priest led to his death as the doll killed him during the exorcism. Vikram who is shocked upon hearing the doll’s story tells her as a joke that she can still use it to enchant others. While both have a laugh about the same, Swathi gets a distressing phone call from a stranger asking her for help. Who is on the other end of the phone? Stay tuned to find out!

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