High Priestess Episode 6 Written Update: Ram & Vaishnavi Encounter The Paranormal

After giving up their hopes, Abhinav's petrified parents seek Swathi's help. Will she be able to crack this unusual case?

High Priestess

In the previous episode of High Priestess, Swathi feels something strange when she touches Vikram and starts crying. She gets emotional as Vikram talks about their short-lived relationship. Later, a coconut pops out of  Swathi’s cupboard and Vikram gets curious about it. Swathi narrates a lawyer’s story about a girl, who was brutally killed by the people of her village after her biological brother accused her of performing black magic. The lawyer, despite knowing that the brother is the killer, proves him innocent. The woman’s daughter was sent to an orphanage after his mother passes away. So, the spirit of the woman haunts the lawyer, but later she realises that he is not a bad guy as he regrets his decision to defend the killer. As the lawyer experiences unusual things happening around him, he reaches out to Swathi for help.  Swathi finds a solution to his problem with her supernatural powers.

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The sixth episode is a tale about how an urban/liberal family of three–Ram, Vaishnavi and their kid Abhinav–move into a house with a paranormal history. Swathi takes Vikram to a funeral where they experience something strange. Looking at Vikram’s confused expression, Swathi narrates the story of this family, who is experiencing paranormal activity in their new apartment. While Ram and Vaishnavi fail to notice the unusual activities taking place in the house, their curious kid Abhinav is unable to ignore it. One day, he puts his clothes inside the washing machine but finds his favourite t-shirt missing from it. As he searches inside the machine, he finds a doll but not his t-shirt. So, he takes the doll and starts playing with it.

After he takes the doll with him, he experiences abnormal things around him. When Abhinav explains the same to his mother, she refuses to believe him. To prove his stance, Abhinav once again tries to wash his clothes to see if they go missing again. As once again his clothes go missing, Abhinav goes inside the washing machine to check and he too goes missing. The horrified couple reaches out to Swathi, who finds out that a girl died inside the washing machine and she took Abhinav just as he took her favourite doll from the machine. As a solution, they bury the machine and the doll, so that the girl’s spirit rest in peace. When the couple returns home, they are surprised to see their son at home. What lies ahead? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about High Priestess. The story revolves around Swathi Reddy, a tarot card reader and psychic, who deals with peculiar cases and clients that make her experience the supernatural powers around her. More information about her character and capabilities are revealed slowly. It is a 2019 thriller ZEE5 Original starring Amala Akkineni and Kishore Kumar in lead roles.

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