High Priestess Episode 8 Written Update: Is Vikram Dead?

Swathi reveals to Vikram that she knows that he is dead and it's his spirit who has come to meet her. What is the spirit’s real intention?

High Priestess

In the previous episode of High Priestess, Swathi narrates the story of three friends-Radhika, Krishna, and Varun. Although they were best friends, the problem began when two of them fell in love with each other. When Varun learns that Radhika loves Krishna, he sends a few goons to thrash him. Krishna is shocked to learn that his friend is in love with Radhika and that he would stoop so low to keep him away from the girl. After that day, Krishna leaves the country. While staying abroad he remains in contact with Radhika, who invites him over to his house one day. When Krishna returns to India, he visits Radhika, who is now married to Varun.

While he thinks that they are happily married, he is surprised to know that Varun is insecure about Radhika and physically abuses her. Krishna tries to save her but Varun throws him out of his house. Drunk Krishna reaches home and receives a call from Radhika, who confesses her love to him. She tells him that if she had known about his love for her, she would have never gotten married to Varun.

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In the final episode, we see that ever since Radhika’s death, Krishna sees her everywhere. So, he seeks Swathi’s help, who hypnotises him. While Krishna gets hypnotised, he sees Radhika and is able to talk to her. As they speak, Radhika tells him to not feel guilty that he couldn’t save her from dying and then she disappears. Krishna then tells Swathi that Radhika was following him to say that it is not his fault. After Krishna leaves, Swathi reveals to Vikram that he is dead and it is his spirit that has come to meet her (Swathi) since he is guilty about what he did to her. She tells him that she knew this from the time he has come; Swathi reveals that she realised it when the first time he held her hand.

Vikram is shocked to learn that he is dead and Swathi is able to see him since she is psychic. She then tells him that his brother-in-law killed him to take over the business. Later, Swathi gets a call from Vikram’s wife Rupa to inform that her late husband has written his will in her (Swathi) daughter Sneha’s name. It shocks her and she breaks down. Then Swathi informs Rupa too that Suresh murdered Vikram so that she can get him justice. As Swathi hangs up, she realises that Vikram’s spirit too has left and he had only come to tell her that he had always loved her but he had to marry Rupa due to unusual circumstances.

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about High Priestess. The story revolves around Swathi Reddy, a tarot card reader and psychic, who deals with peculiar cases and clients that make her experience the supernatural powers around her. More information about her character and capabilities are revealed slowly. It is a 2019 thriller ZEE5 Original starring Amala Akkineni and Kishore Kumar in lead roles.

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