Holi Special: Tips To Save Your Skin And Hair From Harmful Colours

This Holi, save your skin and hair from the sun and harsh colors, by following these simple tips. Have a look inside!

A Still Of Holi

The festival of Holi, which is eagerly awaited each year, is around the corner! The festival of colours is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil. Everyone celebrates by rubbing colours on each other. These colors are meant to spread happiness, but sometimes, they include harmful chemicals, that can lead to trouble. These destroy the skin and block the hair follicles which in turn, leads to dry, brittle skin and hair. So, if you really want to enjoy Holi this year without worrying about your skin and hair, follow these important steps and be carefree. You can definitely have a blemish-free skin and gorgeous hair like our favourite actresses.

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1. Oil your hair: You need to oil your hair and keep them tied if you really want to protect them from harmful colours. But if you don’t want to oil your hair, then you can apply some serum. Buy the serum here.

2. Apply sunscreen: The ultraviolet rays of the sun are bad for the skin. And the chemicals in the colours make things worse for your skin. Moreover, the sweat can create open pores and the colour can settle in these to harm the skin further and make it sensitive. Hence, it is very important to wear sunscreen. Get yourself one, here.

Once you are done with ensuring that your hair and skin are protected, step out and have some fun with the colours in the sun!

But do remember that once you are done with playing Holi, you have to make sure that colour rubbed all over you is removed entirely. For the post-celebration routine, follow these tips.

1. Wash out the colour from your skin: The colour might be difficult to remove and therefore, you might rub your skin hard. But don’t do that. Take your time and gently remove the colour from the skin with a soap or face-wash, meant for sensitive skin. This will help the skin retain moisture. But to ensure the same, apply some moisturiser when the colour is removed so that the skin is supple and there are no breakouts.

2. Wash out the colour from the hair: Similarly, with your hair, you must use a soft shampoo and gently massage the scalp to remove the colour. After that, apply a conditioner and let it stay for a few minutes.

We really think that these pre and post-celebration routines will help you celebrate Holi with happy skin and joyous hair! Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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