How To Deal With Bullies: A ‘Mentalhood’ Guide For Parents

In the Mentalhood, Meira stands for her child who gets bullied by 2 naughty brats. She teaches us how to stop getting your child bullied at school.


Mentalhood is a ZEE5 Original web series directed by Karishma Kohli and created by Ekta Kapoor. The show talks about the real struggles a mother faces in taking care of her kid. Without being acknowledged or appreciated, a mother always manages to take care of her child and fulfils the responsibility with much ease. Her life seems to be easy but it is complicated and full of stress. The show highlights sensitive issues including bullying, domestic violence, fake happiness, broken homes and much more. In the second episode of Mentalhood, Meira Sharma’s son gets bullied by Preity’s naughty brat boys. In the episode it is shown how being a mother Meira stands for her child and even teaches us what all measures should be taken to stop getting your child bully in school. School bullying is one of the major reasons for mental health in children and adolescents. Parents send kids to international school but their children get bullied which leads to mental health problems and later depression. Here’s we have ways in which a parent can help and protect their kids from being bullied. Take cues from Meira Sharma and help your child:

1. Start Communicating With Your Child

Actress Karisma Kapoor in an exclusive interview with ZEE5 told that it is essential to talk to your kids instead of waiting. In today’s modern era, parents need to have open communication with their kids and talk to them about their school. While talking they should keep their tone friendly and stay calm to make kids comfortable. A kid should be comfortable in discussing things with parents and the latter should create a friendly atmosphere around their kid. A parent should make their kids aware that for them their safety and well being is quite important.

2. Report Bullying Incidents In School

When your child informs you that someone is bullying them, tell them that they need to not lose confidence. Motivate and praise them for their capabilities. As a parent, your responsibility is to inform teachers and school authorities that your child is being bullied.

3. Avoid The Bullys

You should teach your child to be strong, confident and ignorant. Tell them to ignore the bullies or harassers by avoiding usual places or take different routes. It’s important for you to tell your kid to not skip school as it is their right to get educated.

4. Talk Openly About It

Tell your kid the importance of speaking hearts out as it gives a sigh of relief. You need to make your child understand that they can’t handle a bully by themselves and instead they should take help of someone.

5. Do Not Hold Grudges

Once your child starts ignoring the bully or the harasser you need to make them understand that they have to forgive and forget. They should not take grudges or fall to the same level. Bullys always crave for attention and if your child reacts to them they get statistic pleasure in harassing them.