Hum Purane Ho Ke Bhi Naye Review: A Must-Watch Short Film Full Of Sweet, Special Moments

Long-term relationships might look boring and comfortable but Meet and Pooja prove that love is stronger too, in this ZEE5 film.

Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye on ZEE5

Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye is the perfect short film to binge-watch if you are living with your long-time partner under lockdown. This film is relatable for any couple who has been together for so long that they are comfortable with silences and don’t have too many things to talk about. This short film written and directed by Shaheen Muhammad is like a funny glimpse into the life of such a couple, played by Randeep Jha.

Watch a trailer for the film here.

Meet (Randeep Jha) and Pooja (Rajshri Deshpande) go out on a dinner date, three days after their sixth anniversary. They spend most of their date looking at other couples in the restaurant or looking into their phones. Meet gets obsessed by a couple in the restaurant that he is sure are newly in love.

Randeep and Rajshri are the main focus of this 10-minute film. They share comfortable chemistry and love that manages to shine through even when their conversations sound ordinary and not romantic at all. They debate about taking their wedding anniversary cake home or smashing it on the waiter’s face. They also try and guess the story of other couples in the restaurant with them.

The other characters like the odd waiter or the new couple all become part of Meet and Pooja’s inside jokes. They joke about losing some weight to meet better people, and order for one dish for two people because they both know what they both would like. This film shows that long-term relationships might look boring and comfortable but love is stronger too.

The film is masterfully written and directed by Shaheen Muhammad with quite an eye-opening conversation between Meet-Pooja and the couple newly in love. The song ‘Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye’ is a breezy track that will soothe your heart and is a fitting end to the film.

Watch this short film full of sweet moments that will leave you smiling throughout.