Humour, Bravery, Wit – 3 Traits Of Nanha Nattu That Will Make Your Child Popular

Now, educate your kids about the correct value system and help to build essential traits by making them watch Nanha Nattu.

Nanha Nattu

In the age of the internet, our kids can find all kinds of entertainment under one roof with just the click of a button. While the times have changed one thing that remains unchanged is our love for animated cartoons.  The most enduring feature of these animation films is that it’s clean wholesome entertainment with some learning also thrown into the mix. One such animation film is Nanha Nattu, which revolves around Nattu, a mischievous but clever boy, who uses his wit to take on notorious villains. This film will not only entertain your child but also inspire them in several ways.

Watch Nanha Nattu Here:

Here are some of the traits of Nattu your kids can learn from watching Nanha Nattu:


Children learn early on that a sense of humour is critical to social success. Kids as young as two year olds often mimick adults by saying things they think are funny and laughing about it.  Nanha Nattu, who has an amazing sense of humour, is sure to inspire your child also to have one. A good sense of humour helps children build resilience, self-esteem, and develop critical thinking skills.

Nanha Nattu
Source: ZEE5


We have seen how Nattu takes down the villains without having to physically fight with them. Well, that’s only possible because Nattu is witty enough to know and learn others’ weaknesses to use them to his advantage and expose their wrongdoings. Well, this might just be a cartoon for entertainment but it also helps your kids to think outside the box and analyse situations before acting.


Teaching their kid to be brave is something that every parent wants to do, but where does one begin really? How does one go about it?  Superhero films instill values of courage in your child in the face of fear. Your kid also learns about the concept of justice and about helping the less fortunate.

Get your child to watch Nanha Nattu, currently streaming on ZEE5 to get their fix of kiddie superheroes this summer.

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