If You Liked Kiccha Sudeep As A Hero, His Baddie Side In ‘The Villain’ Will Blow Your Mind

You've loved him as a hero. Now, brace yourselves to see his savage side - it will make your jaw drop.

Sudeep's Baddie Side Will Leave You In Shivers

Known for his splendid roles like Captain Raam from Hebbuli, Kiccha Sudeep took a different path in his latest release, The Villain. Directed by Kiran Prem, this film focuses on the hypothetical war between the ideologies of two epic characters; Ram and Raavana. Starring two megastars in the Kannada industry, Namma Kiccha Sudeep and the Century Star Shivarajkumar, this film focuses on the power of good over evil.

First off, let’s commend Shivarajkumar for displaying the right emotions of an orphaned son, who lies in wait for his mother for over 20 years. Unfortunately, this wait doesn’t end up fruitful for him. We, however, would have loved to see Namma Hat-Trick Star enjoying more screen space.

On the other hand, Kiccha Sudeep has stunningly provided justice to his role of Ram, who is part of a gangster duo called ‘Kaiser-Ram’. Right from his outfits, to hairstyle to overall persona, Kiccha’s performance sent a shiver down my spine. Playing a ruthless underworld don requires a lot of practice to make it relatable to fans. A man of few words in real-life, Sudeep has given all his fans more reasons to love him after this film.

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In the film, Kiccha is seen using lines from the famous Kannada poem ‘Aane Banthondu Aane’ which marks his entry in important scenes. Although it is a story-like poem, the way Ram says it is enough to understand the wrath he is about to bring upon everyone around him. For his baddie character, Sudeep was also made to wear blueish-green lenses and it was bang on. If you have watched the film, we guarantee that you cannot stare into his villain eyes without feeling scared.

In my opinion, his short hairstyle with the muffler tied like a bandana on his head make him look hotter-than-ever as compared to his wig-look. Plus, Sudeep fans get to enjoy him dancing on more than one occasion. The best scene of this veteran actor was the climax where you see him reluctantly emotional, considering he is the villain. The scene was heart-touching.

Overall, Sudeep won many hearts with this eccentric performance as Ram. Not to forget the killer action sequences that will send shivers down your spine. Shivarajkumar too plays an important part in disconnecting Ram’s character from his evil side.

Whom did you like most in the film? The comments box below is open for discussions.

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