Ishq Aaj Kal Season 2 Episodes 3-4 Review: Is Arshad Falling For Alia?

In today's episodes of ZEE5 original Ishq Aaj Kal, Arshad realises that he has feelings for Alia after she ramp-walks at a fashion show.

Still from Ishq Aaj Kal with Angad Hasija and Ankita Sharma

In the previous episodes of season 2, Alia is arrested for her involvement in the drug scandal. They don’t believe that Alia was only trying to help Munmun get out of trouble. However, Zara believes that Alia is innocent and gets her out of jail with a lawyer’s help. She then brings Alia to Mumbai to continue working at the hotel. Alia is working at the bar counter on her first night and she is forced to stop a fight between Ejaz and some other men. Alia lodges a formal complaint against Ejaz who decides to track her down. Alia is disturbed when she finds out Munmun has been killed.

Watch the third episode of Season 2 here.

Alia and Paresh are preparing for the designers’ fashion show. Amaira and Faraz get back together. Amaira even manages to give Faraz a job at the hotel. Arshad and Javed both decide to think of a way to take back their stake and remove Naaz from her position of power. Arshad to is shocked to find Faraz working at the Hotel but Naaz tells him to not bother about it.

One of the models passes out after taking too many drugs. Alia decides to step up and walk in place of the model. The designer chooses Faraz to walk the ramp with Aliya as well. This makes Amaira jealous and she accuses Alia of trying to steal her boyfriend. Everyone else at the hotel is impressed with Aliya’s work. Arshad is stunned by how good Alia looks during her ramp walk.

Alia tries to meet her father in prison but is told she cannot meet him. Amaira meets Alia in the room to apologise to her but Alia refuses to accept the apology. She even insults Faraz for being with Amaira. At the meeting Naaz insults Arshad’s father, Javed when he demands a bigger share in the company.

The hotel manager gives Ejaz the written complaint that Alia had made against him. Ejaz takes the complaint to Alia’s room and burns it in front of her eyes. Naaz asks Faraz to steal a file from Arshad and give it to her which he first refuses to do but later drops at her doorstep. Arshad messages Alia saying that he cannot stop thinking about her. Alia blushes thinking that Arshad is in love with her.

Will this be the beginning of Arshad and Alia’s love story? Find out in the upcoming episode. Watch two new episodes of Ishq Aaj Kal on Zee TV and ZEE5 daily. You can also watch all the four seasons exclusively on ZEE5.

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