Ishq Aaj Kal Season 3 Finale Review: Alia And Arshad In Love Again; Arshad Is Attacked!

In the season finale of the third season, Alia and Arshad express their love for each other, but Naaz and Faraz both have sinister plans for Arshad.

Still from Ishq Aaj Kal Season Finale

In the previous episodes of Ishq Aaj Kal, Alia finds out her father, Imran, is in the city and visits a mosque every Friday. She finds her father in the mosque but he runs away from her again. Alia is upset and misses her date with Arshad. Faraz follows Alia’s father and finds a photo in his house. Faraz finds his own father in the photo along with Javed and Imran. He realises that Alia can help him in his plan to destroy Javed and Naaz’s empire. Javed tells Alia that her father killed her mother because she was having an affair with Wasim. Alia feels Javed is lying. Faraz kidnaps Javed and tries to force him to tell the truth. Ejaz and Arshad find clues leading to Alia and blame her for the kidnapping.

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Ejaz returns to the hotel instead of going to the police station. He tells Arshad that someone tried to kill him and Alia was the one who saved his life. Ejaz stops the police from arresting Alia even if Arshad doesn’t believe her. Alia is surprised that Ejaz chose to believe her but Arshad didn’t. Faraz goes to Alia’s room and tells her that he was the one who kidnapped Javed.

He tells her that this was part of his plan to get revenge on Javed Ali Khan for killing his father and Alia’s mother. Alia refuses to be a part of Faraz’s revenge plot and says that she only wants to find out the truth. Javed returns home and says he only went for a retreat and didn’t tell anyone about it. However, Ejaz doesn’t believe his father.

While unveiling the idol for Ganesh Chaturthi, Imran comes face to face with Javed. He warns Javed to not let any harm come to Alia. Naaz is upset that her plan to kill Ejaz and Javed failed. Her boyfriend, the ATS chief, tells her that he will target Arshad to hurt both Javed and Ejaz. Faraz helps Arshad speak to Alia and gets her to forgive him. Alia agrees to meet Arshad and they profess their love for each other.

Ejaz goes to Faraz’s room and finds clues connecting him to his father’s kidnapping. He decides to go looking for Faraz but is stopped at the reception where there is a letter waiting for him. Arshad leaves Alia to attend a meeting. Ejaz finds out in the letter that someone has planned to attack Arshad. While driving on the way to the meeting, Arshad is cornered on an empty road and is pushed off the cliff by another car.

Arshad’s car drowns in the water beneath and Ejaz reaches too later to save his brother. How will Alia deal with this shocking loss? Find out in the next season.

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