It Happened In Calcutta Music Review: Songs For All The Lovers Who Broke Up But Came Back

Filled with honest emotions, the soundtrack of this ZEE5 Original series brings you Sukoon and Dua through Kusum-Ronobir's love story. Watch Videos.

1. Sukoon Hai - Title track by Akhil Sachdeva

Set in the 1960s and 70s, It Happened In Calcutta is a mesmerising, romantic ZEE5 Original web series. Starring debutante Naghma Rizwan and television actor Karan Kundrra in lead roles, the yesteryear love saga revolves around two aspiring doctors, Kusum Ganguly and Ronobir Chatterjee, who fall for each other at Calcutta Medical College. The romance also has a backdrop of tragedy which is imbued into the soundtrack perfectly. Watch the music videos that tell the tale with heart-touching lyrics and spellbinding tunes:

1. Sukoon Hai by Akhil Sachdeva

A magician of a musician, Akhil Sachdeva is the man behind the title-track Sukoon Hai. He has written, composed and sung this song that takes you through the 9 years of Kusum and Ronobir’s ups and downs. The beautifully penned lyrics mean, “There is peace in the breeze, there’s tranquillity in the air!” It symbolises the immeasurable love that one can have for their soulmate. Kusum and Ronobir share steamy kisses to cherish the moment despite the uncertainty of the future!

2. Subah Ki Garmi by Papon

In the soulful voice of Papon, Subah Ki Garmi is the melodic representation of the tug of war between love and hatred within one’s heart. After a separation of 9 years, Kusum and Ronobir feel for each other but they can neither admit nor deny it. To ensure a middle ground, lyricist Siddhant Kaushal pens, “The twisted hot mornings and cold nights will be untangled by peaceful evenings!” The music of the song by Darshan Umang fits perfectly in the stressful times of the 1960 cholera epidemic.

3. Dua Ban Ja by Harshdeep Kaur and Akhil Sachdeva

In Naghma Rizwan’s voice-over as Kusum Ganguly, Dua Ban Ja begins with the narration, “Fairy tales are a trap that teach every young girl to have dreams. But then she cannot be at rest without making them come true!” Lending their voices to the painful ballad, Harshdeep Kaur and Akhil Sachdeva express one’s longing to be with their beloved. Emoting desperation, the song sums up with, “Be my prayer, become my pill, yet destroy me in love!”

4. Ekla Chalo Re by Pooja Shankar, Rahul Mukherjee, Ranadip Bhaskar, and Nishan Gupta

Recreating the legendary song of Rabindranath Tagore, Ekla Chalo Re is the spellbinding rendition of Pooja Shankar and Rahul Mukherjee. The additional lyrics penned by Aasif Moyal tug at your heart with an unanswerable question, “Why do we come to a standstill at heartbreak?” And then cues in the rippled flute tune with the affirming words, “When nobody listens to your call, walk alone!” This is Kusum’s exact emotion when Ronobir ditches her and she moves on to become the first female army doctor!

Share with us your favourite track of the music album. To live the songs and the story, watch all the episodes of It Happened In Calcutta streaming exclusively on ZEE5 Originals!

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