It’s Always Good To Grow Your Circles & Hyper Star Raashi Khanna Has A Great Way To Do It

Pets may not always be a good idea. But planting a few flowers and veggies in your home garden can be a great way to find a new company, like Raashi.

Raashi Khanna Gardening

Staying locked inside the house can make you imagine how good some new company would be. Well, it isn’t just people like you and me, who are waiting to see new faces. Our Tollywood celebs too are in the same dilemma. While many actors, filmmakers and musicians, are enjoying the make-do interviews on video calls, we found Telugu film Hyper star Raashi Khanna doing something special.

Watch her with Ram Pothineni in Hyper here:

Raashi has been quarantined inside her house. One scroll through Raashi Khanna’s Instagram gives us a good glimpse into what the actor has been trying to do. Apart from clicking great pictures and looking flawlessly beautiful as always, Raashi is also gardening and learning guitar. She recently shared a picture of herself, where she is seen watering a rose plant.

The actor appears to be content upon seeing the new flowers bloom. Furthering her expressions, she said, “How soothing and healing is the silence of growing things.” As much as we agree with Raashi, we have to talk about the joy that comes in setting up your own garden. It could be two little saplings or two huge planters in the door. Something about getting your hands dirty in mud brings back the freedom that we experience as young tots.

Not only that, but more and more people are turning towards creating a beautiful home garden. It’s a healthier way of being self-sufficient and also provides you with fully nourished veggies and fruits. Recently, Upasana Kamineni Konidela also emphasised on the importance of it by making compost at home.

Are you excited to set up your own garden too? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments down below.

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