It’s Time To Meet Priyadarshi AKA Suri Yadav 10 meters Air Rifle State Player In Loser

Noted actor of our times, Priyadarshi will be seen playing the lead role in upcoming ZEE5 Original show titled, Loser. Meet the man he plays on-screen

Suri in Loser

Directed by Abhilash Reddy, Loser is an upcoming ZEE5 Original show. It stars Priyadarshi, Shashank and Annie in the lead roles. Sayaji Shinde, Kalpika, Pavani Gangireddy, Abhay Bethaganti, Komali also play pivotal roles. The show is a sports drama that runs in three different timelines and showcases the story of three losers who go on become winners.

Watch the trailer of the show here:

Earlier today, a teaser introducing Priyadarshi’s character, Suri, was released. The 10 second-teaser gives us a minute glimpse into the life of Suri Yadav. He loves his weapon and plays Air Rifle as a State-Level Zonal player. He tells a girl that he aims to bring gold for India at the Olympics. There seems to be a certain serenity between the two youngsters, who possibly are lovers, too.

Suri tells his lady luck that the whole country will see him play, cheer for him. And at that moment, he will see his mother. Suri dreams of our tricolour beaming over the world, as he stands atop a snowcapped hill. However, going by the trailer, we know that Suri fails to achieve his dream. He gets kicked out of the national team only because of his weak financial situation.

We have been hearing for ages that all that ends well is well. And Suri’s story cannot end until all goes well. But how will he come over the financial, mental and the emotional burden? How will Wilson and Annie play a part in his victory?

ZEE5 Original Loser releases on May 15th, 2020. The show spans over ten episodes of 30 minutes each.

Stay tuned to binge-watch the show and read about it here, in the meantime.

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