Judgement Day Episode 6 Review: Enter Moushumi and Sudip, Javed’s Elite Allies

With new challenges sprouting, Javed decides to bring his elite detectives to help him out with the case.

Judgement Day - Diya gets angry on Javed

In the last episode of the ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day, Sixth Sense, we saw ACP Javed Khan (played by Abhishek Singh) and Diya (played by Sohini Sarkar) going to the club in order to investigate the events that unfurled there. A waitress contacts Diya there and claims that she has information regarding her sister, Hiya (played by Madhumita Sarcar). While Javed also joins in to question the waitress, Lucky visits Buni at her flat. He is shocked to see blood all over the floor. 

In Episode 6, Date Rape Drug, we get to see Javed and Diya head back from the club while they face two bikers speeding. Javed has a suspicion so he overtakes them to find the reason for their hurry. After confronting them, it just turns out to be an emergency. While they start again, Diya questions Javed about his anger and asks him to take a calmer approach in investigating people. Javed responds angrily, stating that this harsh approach works and he will follow it. Diya doesn’t ask more questions. The scene goes back to Buni’s home, where Lucky is seen leaving in haste. 

The scene flashes back to Javed’s past, where he witnesses his father torturing his mother, while he sits angrily in a corner, colouring over the father’s image in his drawing. He then wakes up from this nightmare and looks at his mother’s tailoring machine, which reminds him of the promise he made to his mom. 

The scene shifts back to the night of the incident, where we see Mac talking with his friend Ankush and convincing him to give Hiya a drink. As Mac leaves and Ankit is about to refill her drink, he receives a call from Mac who asks him to spike her drink with a date-rape drug. All of this is captured in the CCTV camera of the club. After adding the drug to the drink and giving it to Hiya, Mac’s friends leave her alone. While she stumbles her way into the washroom, she collapses inside. The waitress and other people present in the washroom try to help her but fail to do so. As they leave, Lucky enters the washroom to check on her. 

The scene flashes back to the present, where Javed tries to talk to Hiya and understand the events in order to catch the culprits. But Hiya is unable to recollect much and as she tries to do so, she gets a fit attack. Kinshuk and Diya try to calm her down and ask Javed to not ask her any more questions. Diya asks Javed to join her for a tea break and questions his approach once again. She expresses her worries that his investigative style is being harmful to Hiya. However, Javed assures her that he knows what he is doing. Right then, Kinshuk rushes to them and blames Javed for wasting time rather than going ahead with the investigation. 

Javed takes this seriously and calls his two best investigators — Moushumi and Sudip — to assist him in this case. He asks them to investigate the whereabouts of all the suspects on the day of the incident. Moushumi and Sudip trace their phones and investigate all the places the victims visited. After a thorough investigation, they report everything to Javed. 

Judgement Day - Moushmi and Sudip
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Meanwhile in the hospital, Hiya and Diya’s parents want to discharge Hiya and take her back home. The doctor agrees and informs them that they can take her back soon. They are happy about this decision and inform Hiya.

Javed calls Mac’s friend, Ankush, for investigation. The initial questioning yields no result which prompts Javed to show Ankush the CCTV footage of his misdeeds in the club. After seeing the whole video, Ankush begins to worry. This confirms Javed’s suspicions.

Back at Hiya’s home, her parents discuss the current scenario and end up blaming each other and Hiya. They are worried about the consequences of the case. Diya walks in along with Hiya, and scolds them for blaming Hiya as she is the victim here. Her parents stay mum for some time, but Hiya feels bad for herself. People keep trying to cheer her up, but she too blames herself for the turn of events. Diya tries to console her sister and explains that it is not her mistake in any way. 

Judgement Day - Mac kills Buni
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We see Mac visit Buni in yet another flashback scene. He scolds and hits her in anger because she scolded him. He is angry and decides to kill her. He forces her to drink and slits her wrist, letting her bleed to death. After this, he drags her dead body and throws her out of the balcony. We then see the same scene where Lucky enters her house to find it full of blood.

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