Judgement Day Music Review: 3 Amazing Rock ‘N Soul Tracks About Freedom, Love & Heartbreak

You will want to listen to these emotionally compelling songs from 'Judgement Day' on loop. Watch the three music videos of this ZEE5 Original here.

1. Title Track - Judgement Day

The new ZEE5 Original sensitive crime series Judgement Day that premiered on 5 February 2020, revolves around the protagonist Diya’s struggle to get her sister Hiya justice in an unfair world. They belong to North Bengal. While Hiya’s visit to Kolkata ends up in her being physically assaulted, Diya becomes her advocate and shoulders the responsibility of putting the criminals behind bars. Apart from the intriguing story, the show also offers spectacular, grungy yet soothing music as a window into their lives.

The title song, composed and sung by Rupam Islam from Fossils Band, raises the heartbeat whenever you listen to it. The feelings of anger that Hiya and Diya, feel towards the criminal until the judgement day, come out flawlessly by the strong and impactful lyrics. You will nod your head to the rock beats, it will definitely awaken the revolutionary in you and bring you closer to the feelings of justice. Penned by Archan Chakraborty, the essence of the track translates, “We will meet again on judgement day!”

2. Yeh Jahan Tere Liye

As the name suggests, this song is about knowing that this beautiful world is yours to explore and that you will find amazing experiences in your journey even though hardships may put you down. Aditi Paul’s spirited voice gives life to the lyrics and will make you want to dance to the upbeat music until your feet hurt. This track of liberation and freedom is composed by Amlaan and Debayan Tarfadar has penned the lyrics.

3. Dil Pankh Ban Ja

This charming number is all about the freedom of of being in love. It might remind you of the romantic trips you took with your special someone. Sung by Aditi Paul and Ishan Mitra, this song is about letting your heart explore the love it has within and how it makes everything mundane seem new and exciting. Penned by Vikram Chowdhary, it is composed by Amlaan.

These tracks from Judgement Day are full of emotions that build up in a person’s heart. From feeling the need for justice to realising the liveliness of the world and the warm feeling of love, the songs will give you a perspective on life. These are perfect additions to your playlist if you are into unique music that touches your soul and meaningful lyrics that feel like the language of your heart!

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