Kaali 2: Check Out The Stellar Music That Makes This Action-Packed Series More Thrilling

We take a look at the music in Kaali 2 and how it serves to create the air of intrigue and excitement that the series is famous for.

Kaali 2, the latest season of the high-octane ZEE5 Original series about an ordinary woman’s fight to save her son, has finally been released. Gear up for an adrenaline-pumping ride with Paoli Dam, who plays the titular character, and actors like Abhishek BanerjeeChandan Roy SanyalRahul Arunadoy Banerjee, as well as the newest surprise in the show, Vidya Malavade.

Watch the trailer of Kaali 2 below:

Kaali 2 is even more exciting and intense than the previous season, with several more plot twists, action, and drama. One aspect of the show that makes the new season what it is and heightens the impact, is the phenomenal music in it. Nabarun Bose, the ace composer, keyboard player and music producer has helmed the music production in Kaali 2, and the result is nothing short of astounding! In fact, the music contributes immensely in creating drama and building tension with every sequence in the show.

Kaali 2
Source: ZEE5

The theme song of Kaali 2, sung powerfully by Paloma Majumdar, will electrify you with its energy, apt lyrics alluding to Kaali’s bravery, and the flawless sound production. It resonates tremendously and strikes a chord deep within you, making for an impeccable aural experience while taking the show to a different level altogether! Apart from this, much of each sequence hinges upon the dramatic background music to give it the effect that we finally see as a whole. All in all, Nabarun has done an exceptional job with the background score, and it would be remiss not to give him the credit he truly deserves in making Kaali 2 a grand success.

Kaali 2
Source: ZEE5

Even the intro that we hear in the beginning of every episode is incredibly catchy, upbeat and appropriately foreshadows loads of drama ahead! We cannot stop listening to it each time even though we have the option to skip it, as it hooks us and really puts us in the perfect mood to watch the show. It creates the dark and highly intriguing atmosphere that is characteristic of the series, and serves to make Kaali 2 exactly as entertaining it is.

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