Kaali 2 Review: Kaali Returns To Face The Demons From Her Past In This Thrilling Series

In the second season of Kaali, the psychopath drug lord Jin Liang returns to get revenge on Kaali, while the police hunt her down again.

Kaali 2 review on ZEE5

The first season of Kaali released only in Bengali but the series became quite popular after including the Hindi dubbed version of the series. That’s why the new season is releasing both in Hindi and Bengali. If you have missed out on the first season, you can still watch the second season. Rohan Ghose, one of the writers-directors on the show mentioned “We wrote this season keeping in mind the national audience and making sure anyone who has not seen season one also understands the second season without any problem.”

Watch the trailer for season 2 of Kaali here.

Kaali (Paoli Dam) is part of the police witness protection after she helped them catch Jin Liang (Abhishek Banerjee), the biggest drug lord in South East Asia. Officer Maanvi Gupta (Vidya Malavade) is sent from Delhi to Kolkata to help the team make sure Jin Liang is extradited safely to Vietnam. However, Jin Liang manages to escape and makes Kaali his target. Swapan Koley another big drug dealer, presumed dead, promises to protect Kaali and her son from Jin Liang if she helps him get the big drug consignment that she herself helped the police to catch.

The series takes a unique approach to give you a recap of the first season. The first episode of this season only sets up the fight between Kaali and Jin Liang. In the next two episodes, we slowly begin understanding how Kaali ended up on the hit list of one of the biggest drug lords in Asia. We also see the backstories of the two new characters Maanvi Gupta and Swapan Koley that add to the mystery and thrill of this season.

Abhishek Banerjee is really killing it as a villain on-screen these days. He puts in an impeccable performance as Jin Liang, a son of a Shanghai prostitute who goes on to become the biggest drug lord in all of South East Asia. He smokes weed, snorts coke and kills people with forks, but he has a comedic ability that makes him exciting to watch every time he is on screen.

Paoli Dam and Vidya Malavade play the role of criminal and cop in this series. Both these female characters are well-written and have a lot of depth. The most intellectual druglord ever has to be Chandan Roy Sanyal’s role as Swapan Koley. This character is a mental giant and is a master at playing mind games. He is the only person who fully understands Kaali is not tricked or deceived by her throughout.

The story of Kaali 2 is created by Artira Sen and Rohan Ghose, asks a very important question, how long can Kaali justify her crimes by saying that she is only doing all of it for her son? The series is also a story of bravery and courage that talks about women empowerment but in one of the most twisted ways you have ever seen.

This series is a great show to binge-watch on the weekend if you are looking for a gritty and grimy story where every character has a dark side and you can never guess who will emerge as the winner among all this violent mess. Watch the first episode of season 2 for free on ZEE5.

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