Kaali Recap: Paoli Dam’s Character Unleashes Her Fury To Save Her Son

With the new season of the nail-biting ZEE5 Original Series releasing soon, we take a look at what Kaali 2 has in store for us.


Kaali is coming back with a new season, and we are totally excited to watch it. After the success of the first season, the second season of the ZEE5 Original Series is slated to release on March 27. Featuring Paoli Dam as Kaali, the lead character who plays the role of a helpless mother trying to save her son, the show has caught the attention of Bengali audience. It is the story of a mother who struggles to save her son’s life.

Along with Paoli Dam, we see Rahul Banerjee as Aniket, Shankar Debnath as Dilip, Vidya Malvade as Officer Gupta, Abhishek Banerjee as Jin Liang Aka Shona, Chandan Roy Sanyal as Swapan, Pratik Dutta as Akash and Silajit as Sanatani in the next season.  Check out this recap which talks about the story so far.

In the trailer, we see Kaali, a single mother who struggles to make ends meet. She currently works as a masseuse. Her son Sunny is become the main purpose of her life after she parted from her husband because he was involved in illegal activities. From people trying to take advantage of her being separated from her husband to her son’s delinquency, Kaali has to go through a lot of struggles on a daily basis. However, everything changes after an accident. Sunny meets with an accident and gets injured. The doctor asks Kaali to get money as her son needs a lung transplant to survive. This marks the beginning of the journey of Kaali who fights her way to earn the money needed for her son’s treatment.

Kaali season 2
(Source: ZEE5)

On the other hand, Kaali’s husband faces a murder charge and is imprisoned. As a means to earn money, he tells Kaali to sell a packet of drugs. This mistake traps Kaali in a web of problems from the mafia. Within no time, Kaali turns to be a fierce woman who learns the art of survival. From life-threatening scenarios to big scandals, will she be able to survive? Wait for the next season of Kaali on ZEE5 to find out.

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