Kanala Khada: 5 Surprising Revelations Made By Sonalee Kulkarni, Swwapnil Joshi And More

Want to know some interesting facts about your favourite stars? Read on to find out about Shreya Bugde's rebellious streak and Anita Date's attitude!

1. Mrunal Kulkarni

Zee Marathi show Kanala Khada hosted by Sanjay Mone was a weekly delight for the audience. The chat show saw appearances celebrity guests who shared their stories of struggle, love, and success. From the TV industry’s Abhijeet Khandkekar to the famous film actress Sonalee Kulkarni, celebs from all streams have entertained the viewers with their personal stories. The 52 episodes of Kanala Khada are still streaming on ZEE5 and you can revisit them anytime! So today, we bring you the five best celebrity guests that have appeared on the show and interesting revelations made by them.

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First on the list is Mrunal Kulkarni, who shared her story of being a professor at a Pune university and then becoming an actress. She let viewers know about how her life was simple and routine earlier. An interesting revelation made by the Maza Hoshil Na star Virajas Kulkarni’s mother was that her husband Ruchir was earlier fearless and mischievous by nature. She transformed him into a docile and homely man after marriage and worked on changing his habits, day after day.

2. Swwapnil Joshi

Superstar and Marathi film industry’s chocolate boy Swwapnil Joshi has won hearts through his stellar performances in films like Duniyadari, Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Mitwa, etc. Swwapnil got emotional while talking to Sanjay Mone about being an only child and how he has received appreciation and immense support from his parents through his journey. He said that his father was his superhero and his mother is still his best friend. How sweet is that!

3. Sonalee Kulkarni

Sonalee talked about the nightmarish experience that she had of the time that she first set foot in the maximum city. She said that she was pushed into a local train and being a Punekar, she had no knowledge of how to travel via this means of transport. Sonalee said it was one of her worst experiences in Mumbai and that she avoids traveling by trains to date. We can relate, girl.

4. Anita Date

Anita’s best friend revealed that the actress was unlike her calm and composed character Radhika on Mazhy Navrychi Bayko. He spilled the beans saying that everyone knew how strict Anita was and avoided meeting her unless they wanted a lecture from her. Woah, now that’s certainly a revelation, right?

5. Shreya Bugde

Shreya arrived on the show with her mother and her elder sister. Shreya’s mother ranted about her troublesome and rebellious streak while the actress herself revealed that the first tattoo that she got on her hand, inked ‘Aardhya,’ is of her nephew’s name as she shares a special bond with him. Aww!

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