Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Karan Faces A Rival For Tipsy’s Love!

Karan tries to express his love to Tipsy but gets sidelined by her childhood friend Anandan. Will Karan back off or beat his competition?

In the previous episode, Tipsy says that the reason for not filing an FIR against Romila is that she needs therapy instead of punishment. Radhika appreciates that she is thinking of curing Romila’s obsession. Tipsy makes Romila and Karan sit and talk out their issues. While making Romila understand, Karan realises he loves Tipsy whereas Tipsy promises Romila that she will never love him.

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In episode 12, Tipsy tells Karan that they need to do something about Romila because she has started believing that Karan loves her. Karan refuses to help her. Tipsy loses her ring. Sherry and Guard help her to search in the garden. Karan shares his issues with his secretary. His secretary tries to motivate him. Karan finds the ring in his room and wears it. Trisha calls him and asks to come to her. Sherry tries to make Tipsy realise her love for Karan.

Karan reaches to the place Trisha called him to. He gets angry when he sees Trisha with two guys. Trisha asks Karan for 5 thousand rupees to pay the guys. Karan takes Trisha back to his hotel room.

Tipsy goes to Karan’s room to thank him for saving her life. But Karan pulls her and make her sit beside Trisha and starts scolding both of them for sitting in the car with a stranger and a psycho. Trisha shares her concern with Karan. He makes her understand that whatever she is feeling is normal.

Next morning, Radhika asks Karan if Trisha shared anything about Rohan. Karan says that Trisha isn’t ready for marriage. Later, Tipsy brings breakfast for Karan. Karan asks if she is okay because she has never been this sweet to him. Tipsy thanks Karan for saving her life. Karan tries to express his love, but Sherry interrupts and asks Tipsy to talk to her mother. Karan asks Sherry what happened. Sherry says Tipsy’s childhood friend Anandan is here, and that he likes her since childhood. Tipsy goes to meet Anandan. Karan is upset that he has competition for Tipsy’s love!

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