Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3: A Look At All The Characters And How Life Has Changed Them

Three broken hearts, three empty paths and three souls intertwined by love and loss. KKHH Season 3 premieres on 6 June 2020.

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Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 2 closed shut the doors of love on Poonam and Rohit as they shared a bittersweet moment. However, its end also tore apart Rohit and Ananya placing them at the position of star-crossed lovers, giving the two a heart-wrenching ending. Or so we thought! Season 3 of the romantic-drama,  KKHH is back again to enthral us and pull at our heartstrings as destiny brings these Hamsafars face to face once more. Will it allow them to play the hand of love and finally get a happy ending or will they be dealt with the prickly stick of sorrow once more? With the three-characters undergoing poignant transformations, we await to see how the emotion of love rewrites these entangled stories once more in the new season. 

Watch the compelling trailer of Season 3 here.  


The man who had it all once upon a time, stands with slumped shoulders today, absolutely afraid to face the world. He had sworn to give up all – his marital bliss, his own flesh and blood, his kids in exchange for the promise of unconditional, unwavering love with Ananya. But as they say, the most delicate of glass castles are shattered with a small pebble, his insecurities forced him to commit a sin, so grave that he was left lurching in its aftermath. Having lost his crown and deserted by his lady love without a chance to explain, Rohit finds himself spiralling down the lane of destruction, self-loathing and lands right into the arms of Amaira. This role is essayed to perfection by our very own brooding gentleman, Ronit Bose Roy. 


A gorgeous lass, who was once bitten by the love bug, has taken the drastic decision to shy away from it forever. Her heartbreak not only cost her, her own heart but also cost her the will to love and laugh again. Now, she has become a husk of a woman, who is determined to make the two ends of the globe meet, to set up a safe and secure future for herself and her son, Kabir. Always the girl who wished to bask in the soft sunshine of love, she ended up being pelted by stones of betrayal from everyone she held dear. Donning the invisible coat of a no-nonsense businesswoman, she has decided to go to any length to separate the name, Mehra from her own. In her quest to establish her self-identity, fate intervenes once more and lands her face to face with her past, by bringing Rohit Mehra in her life once again. Portrayed by the gorgeous Mona Singh, we can’t wait to swoon over the fine acting delivered by this lady. 


Acceptance is a bitter pill that not many can swallow easily. However, Poonam has always been a one-of-a-kind lady and this fighting spirit in her has allowed her to give a second chance to love. As the season opens, we will see Poonam enjoying marital bliss once more with a new partner, Abhimanyu. Marriage is not a slow comfortable ride in the lake and over that marrying someone younger than you is definitely like walking over a path of thorns of insecurity. While she is navigating herself through dilemmas about her age, beauty and overall appearances in society, her mother-in-law enters her life. How will Poonam deal with a woman who is barely a few years elder to her, while trying her best to be a mother to her two doting daughters, Bani and Nicky? The role is played by Gurdeep Kohli who is another name to grace and beauty and we cannot wait to see her bring Poonam back to life on the silver screen. 


She’s young, she’s beautiful and she’s the new and improved lady love of Rohit’s life. As eccentric and cool as she is, this lass seems to have a few skeletons of her own hidden in the closet. On one hand, she is thrilled to be the centre of attention for the man living a reckless lifestyle, Rohit; on the other hand, she cannot stop herself from shooting daggers at his former wife for sticking around like a sore thumb. She’s a storm of complexities and Rohit seems to have landed himself right in the middle of it. What happens when he decides to go back on his decision about Amaira? How much damage is this new lady love capable of causing? We will find the answers to all these questions through Aditi Vasudev, who plays Amaira, the new entrant of this season.  

While these four characters will be at the helm of the show this season, we will be getting our fair share of Poonam’s sister Sheena, played by Suchitra Pillai, who will bring in her own flavour of colour to the show. Additionally, we will get to see a Merryl Streep from Big Little Lies inspired avatar of Abhimanyu’s Mom, who is all set to play the classy, slightly older mother-in-law to Poonam. Add to this heady mix the paramours of Poonam’s daughters and Kabir, Ananya’s son and many others; and you will receive a cast that is set to take you on a tale of love, where twists and turns abound.  

Excited to know more, but haven’t caught up yet? Go right away and start binging on Season 2 and get your much-required fix of love, romance and all the other emotions that get tagged along with it.   

Stay tuned for all these characters to grace your screens shortly in Kehne Ko Humsafar Season 3, exclusively on ZEE5.

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