Khupte Tithe Gupte: 5 Fun Secrets That Mahesh Manjrekar And Medha Spilled About Each Other

Kaale Dhande star Mahesh Manjrekar and his wife Medha arrived as guests at Avdhut Gupte's chat show. More details inside!

1. Medha talks about Mahesh's hard work and struggle

Khupte Tithe Gupte (5)
Khupte Tithe Gupte (5)

Despite all the positive proverbs and pictures flying around, it is easy to feel sad, bored and lethargic when one is stuck between the four walls of the house during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But you can still find ways to amuse yourself by doing things like playing a few board games or revisiting old shows and watching episodes that you missed due to your busy schedules. So today, we bring you an episode of the show Khupte Tithe Gupte hosted by Avdhoot Gupte featuring Mahesh Manjrekar and his wife Medha Manjrekar. Don’t miss these interesting revelations by the power couple!

In this episode, while talking to Avdhoot, Medha revealed that everyone praised Mahesh’s talent but overlooked the hardwork he has put in organising and developing his skill set. Medha also said that if one day, Mahesh decided to be a filmmaker of some classic drama and asked her to audition for a role, she would readily accept to do so. Mahesh laughed as he added that he would start writing a story the same day.

2. Mahesh discusses an annoying habit of Medha's

Mahesh began his discussion by stating that India is under debt due to the excess consumption of electricity and how he felt that everyone could help in saving at least a few units of it. He added that Medha has an irritating habit of leaving the switches on once she unplugs devices and leaving the lights on once she leaves the room.

3. Medha reveals that she would choose Mahesh as a husband over him as an actor

Medha revealed that she would choose Mahesh as a husband over his role as an actor, stating that he suits the latter role to perfection. Isn’t that so romantic?

4. Mahesh talks about Medha's huge purse

Mahesh spoke about a funny observation that he has made about his wife. He said that she has a huge purse in which the entire globe can fit! Moreover, whenever she needs her credit card or cash, she is never able to find it amidst the massive clutter inside her bag. Ladies, guilty much?

5. Medha talks about the one thing she absolutely hates about Mahesh

Medha said that Mahesh is a rash driver and she is scared of his rowdy driving skills. She also added that his rash driving is more dangerous than his rash tongue! Ouch. Want to witness more such adorable moments of other couples like Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat? Then stream Khupte Tithe Gupte only on ZEE5!

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