Khupte Tithe Gupte: Priya Bapat-Umesh Kamat, Sachin-Supriya Pilgaonkar Spill The Beans!

Priya, a pure vegetarian, revealed that she cooked fish once for Umesh, while Bhau discussed his proposal during college days. More secrets inside!

1. Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat

The chat show Khupte Tithe Gupte’s second season aired in the year 2012 but the images and the memory of the stars talking to the host Avadhoot Gupte about their struggles and their successes still remains fresh! The chat show hosted celebrities from the small as well as the big screen including a few well-known politicians. Since you are stuck at home during the 21-day lockdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to take you on a trip down memory lane and bring you a few interesting revelations by the who’s who of Marathi cinema!

Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat are a power couple who can make anyone believe in true love. Priya is a brahmin and a pure vegetarian, while her hubby Umesh loves nonvegetarian food. Umesh revealed that during their dating days, Priya cooked a special parsi fish curry recipe for him. Avadhoot questioned Priya about it as she revealed that her parents had no clue about the same until now!

2. Sachin And Supriya Pilgaonkar

Sachin and Supriya, who are one of Marathi cinema’s most celebrated couples, spilled the beans on each other’s annoying habits. Sachin revealed that at times Supriya annoyed him as she misplaced his things and then asked him to find them instead of doing so on her own. Supriya laughed at this and said that Sachin can never find things, even if they are right in front of his eyes! Adorable right?

3. Bhau Kadam

Chala Hawa Yeu Dya comedian Bhau Kadam revealed a funny incident. He said that he disliked his name and thought that everyone including his wife calling him ‘Bhau’ (meaning brother in Marathi) was embarrassing. He went on to add that once, he tried to propose to a girl in his college but she ended up calling him Bhau and he was left red-faced. We understand your misery…Bhau!

4. Renuka Shahane

When Avadhoot asked Renuka about her marriage and career, she revealed that she was a very docile housewife and her husband AshutoshRana has immensely supported her throughout her career. She also added that she never wanted to be an actress but fate brought her here and she started her journey with theatre and playback singing.

5. Abhijeet Khandkekar

Back in 2012, the Mazhya Navryachi Bayko star was a newbie. He talked about how religion is being made into a business and how he finds that abominable. He also added that the film Oh My God starring Akshay Kumar struck a chord within him.

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