Khupte Tithe Gupte: Sai Tamhankar’s Controversy, Rakhi Sawant’s Childhood – Top 5 Moments

Sai Tamhankar, Amruta Khanvilkar, Rakhi Sawant, Girija Oak and more share their journeys with Awdhoot Gupte. All videos inside!

1. Sai Tamhankar talks about the Pune controversy

Awdhoot Gupte’s chat show Khupte Tithe Gupte was sensational owing to the interesting, and sometimes shocking revelations made by the guest celebrities. Awdhoot would quiz them about their highs, lows and what made him an intriguing host was that he would not hesitate to put them in a spot and grill them about the controversies that they faced and the obstacles that they overcame. He invited public figures from the media, entertainment as well as politics. Many of them openly spoke about their journeys and revealed how they overcame certain tough and heartbreaking situations. Today, we revisit these moments from the show, starting with Sai Tamhankar.

Watch Sai’s Thrilling Performance in Date With Saie.

As most of us may know, the actress was involved in a controversial case in 2011. Sai was at a private party at a residential apartment in Pune when the Police decided to raid the place and took some of the attendees, including Sai into custody. She recalled the horrific incident and said that that’s when she realised that how capable the media is of churning out false and demeaning articles. She also shed a few tears and emotionally added that in that tough period, she realised who her true friend were. Watch the episode to see Sai tell-all like never before!

2. Girija Oak reveals her husband's involvement in Sai's Pune case

Girija Oak, the daughter of Agga Bai Sasubai star Girish Oak aka Abhijeet, also arrived on the show and talked about her association with the controversial case that occurred in Pune, involving Sai. She disclosed that her then to-be-husband Suhrud Godbole, was also present at the party and was asked to come to the police station. He drove to the station, instead of what the headlines suggested that he was handcuffed and taken. She also added that it was a farce that the media carried out to malign some of the stars from the industry.

3. Rakhi Sawant speaks about her tough father

Rakhi Sawant shared that she was a very timid child but her father supported her and transformed her into a strong girl. She said that her father used to shout at her and her brother when they came home crying after getting beaten up. He asked them to end the fight on their own by giving it back to the culprits! Now that’s one tough Dad indeed.

4. Amruta Khanvilkar addresses her identity crisis

Popular Marathi actress Amruta Khanvilkar talked to Awdhoot about her characters and the identity crisis that she faced while filming the movies. She added that repeatedly doing similar characters bored her but she had to do it for the audience and her fans!

5. Kavita Medhekar shares her theatre journey

The songstress and theatre artist Kavita Medhekar arrived at the show with co-guest Prashant Damle. They talked about the theatre and their love for it. They also shared stories about their struggle and how it took nearly a decade to become a brand in the industry.

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