#KissDay: Have A Look At The Adorable Kisses On ZEE5 Originals

From Sumer-Tanie and Inder-Reema to Veer-Sameera and Sid-Roshni, you can learn a thing or two about smooching from your favourite celebs.

1. Sumer and Tanie - Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Even if you and your partner share loving kisses all the time, there are a few kisses that leave a lasting impression. Sometimes it’s the first kiss, sometimes it’s the last, and sometimes it’s that one kiss that tells you for sure that you love this person with all your heart! Our on-screen couples like Sumer-Tanie, Veer-Sameera, Sid-Roshni and Inder-Reema have had their fair share of kisses, but these four have left a lasting impression. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they stir up feelings deep within us that make us want to be with our own special someone. This #KissDay let’s revisit some of our favourite kisses on ZEE5 Originals series Never Kiss Your Best Friend, Broken But Beautiful Season 2, Jamai 2.0 and the movie Shukranu!

What is it between Tanie (Anya Singh) and Sumer (Nakuul Mehta) that has us glued to our screens when they come on? Is it their chemistry? Is it the way their relationship redefines friendship? Or are we just dying to know what happens next? Regardless of why we love the show, this tender kiss between the starring pair certainly warmed our heart. The affectionate that Tanie gives Sumer is the sign of a connection that goes beyond friendship.

2. Veer and Sameera - Broken But Beautiful Season 2

Season 2 of Broken But Beautiful brings us this passionate kiss between Sameera (Harleen Sethi) and Veer (Vikrant Massey) and we know that sparks are flying. The road was long and convoluted, and definitely broken in parts, but these two seemed to have made it across. We’re not going to tell you exactly how they got here, you’re just going to have to watch Broken But Beautiful Season 2 to find out.

3. Sid and Roshni - Jamai 2.0

Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni’s (Nia Sharma) underwater kiss had to make our list simply because it is so different. It must take real talent to be able to hold your breath and lock lips, but our stars have it down to an art. The kiss speaks of passion, love and longing, making us want these two to be together more than ever. If you loved Jamai, then you can’t miss Jamai 2.0.

4. Inder and Reema - Shukranu

This Valentine’s Day, get ready to be treated to a brand new ZEE5 Original film! Shukranu will take you on an interesting journey through the life of Inder (Divyenndu), whom well, has issues. In this scene we see Inder closing in for a loving kiss with his new wife Reema (Shweta Prasad Basu). It’s their wedding night and they are alone in their bedroom, what happens next? You’re just going to have to wait and watch with the rest of us on Valentine’s Day.

Which of these kisses made you miss your significant other the most? Make our #KissDay by telling us in the comments below.

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