Kurangu Bommai: 5 Reasons Why Vidharth’s Crime Thriller Is A Must-Watch

Kurangu Bommai is an entertaining watch and we give you five reasons why. Read inside!

Kurangu Bommai

Kurangu Bommai, starring Vidharth and Bharathiraja, is a gripping, realistic film. Helmed by Nithilan Swaminathan, the film revolves around a golden idol worth Rs. 500 crore and how it impacts the various people who are trying to get their hands on it. Kurangu Bommai, a crime thriller, shows us how the need and greed for money dictate human behaviour. Here are five reasons why you must watch this film.

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Innovative Storytelling Style 

Director Nithilan makes an impressive debut with this film and proves his talent at realistic filmmaking. He pays keen attention to detail and puts forth a gripping narrative with his crisp and efficient direction.

Father And Son’s Love-Hate Relationship

The love-hate relationship between Kathir (Vidharth) and his father Sundaram (Bharathiraja) is effectively conveyed with subtle scenes and dialogues. Kathir has a bone to pick with Sundaram as the latter befriends an anti-social man. However, this does not take away the respect that he has for his father and the same goes for the unconditional love that the old man shares for his son.

 The Power-Packed Performances

From Bharathiraja’s phenomenal acting as a naive old man to Kumaravel’s fabulous stint where he plays a diabolical role in the film, the exceptional performances by the entire cast will keep you hooked.

Solid Screenplay 

Kurangu Bommai’s tightly-woven plot keeps us hooked for the entire duration. Also, there is no denying that the screenplay, which is not only engaging but also unpredictable, coupled with tremendous performances, makes this crime- thriller an intriguing watch.


The background music by Ajaneesh Loknath is unique. In fact, the soundtracks perfectly complement several scenes and situations, giving ample support to the film. Bankrolled by Shreya Sri Movies LLP, Kurangu Bommai is now set to be remade in Telugu after receiving a positive response from the audiences.

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