Kurukshetra Movie Review: Darshan Is The Scene-Stealer In This Mythological Drama

Challenging Star Darshan shines bright as the protagonist Duryodhana in his 50th film!


Muniratna Kurukshetra, the highly-anticipated mythological film written by J.K Bharavi and directed by Naganna, is finally available on ZEE5. The story is based on the epic poem of Gadhayuddha by Ranna. This is a far cry from the earlier films made on the epic as it is told from Duryodhana’s perspective. Our very own ‘Challenging star’ Darshan plays the flawed protagonist with finesse. The film comprises a talented star cast who deliver powerful performances that elevate the film further.

Story, Screenplay and Direction:

The story isn’t new for the Indian audiences per se but what keeps it engaging is that the epic tale is told from the perspective of Duryodhana. The three-hour-long movie’s dialogues, which are written by J.K, seem to be more flamboyant then necessary and increase the feature film’s run time. Moreover, director Naganna has an eye for detail but in a bid to provide everything to the audience, the duration of the movie gets too overwhelming. However, a series of action have been directed in a manner to keep the audience involved and intrigued as to what happens next.


Jayanan Vincent, the director of photography, has been able to capture the larger-than-life visuals adeptly. The colour palette comprising gold and red shades, which are used throughout the film, showcase the grandeur of the subject. The pronounced use of close-ups and camera movement helps the viewers to follow the actions of each actor.

Source: ZEE5


Needless to say, Darshan has surpassed his own ability to play the role of Duryodhana. He depicts the character’s aggressive nature with poise. Sneha’s intense role as Draupadi coupled with the dancing skills of Meghana Raj and Hariprriya leave you enthralled. Other actors such as Sonu Sood, who plays Arjuna, the late Ambareesh as Bheeshma and Ravikrishnan as Krishna have delivered remarkably.

Background Score:

Music director, Harikrishna has definitely created an impactful background score for the film that enhances every frame and sets the mood for each scene.

Art Design, costume and VFX:

The art design plays an important role in lending a certain extravagance to the film. Much attention has been given to the details, the props as well as the costumes worn by the actors. Darshan sports a 22kg cape that grabs our attention during the movie. Many colourful gems and stones have been used in the midst of all that gold to add a dash of colour and bring the set to life. However, the VFX falls short on many accounts. At times it creates a certain disconnect with the audience.


Source: ZEE5

All in all, Darshan has certainly set a new standard for performance and justified his 50th film! For all those who miss watching today’s actors in mythological films, this one’s a must-watch! The actors have justified each of their characters and the story, though long, is engaging and keeps you hooked.

Catch the audio launch of Kurukshetra here!