Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti Rajput – Meet The Stylish Cast Of The ZEE5 Original Bebaakee

From upcoming starlets to veteran actors, Bebaakee star cast will make a glittery appearance on-screen from 28 July 2020 onwards!

Meet The Stunning Cast Of Bebaakee

The ALT Balaji and ZEE5 Original series Bebaakee is a sizzling love triangle series between Kushal Tandon, Karan Jotwani, and Shiv Jyoti Rajput. The series is sure to set your hearts on fire. Explosive and intensely passionate romance will take over the monotonous and platonic love. Sufiyaan (Kushal Tandon) and Kaiynaat (Shiv Jyoti Rajput) are deeply in love but their love turns into a series of misunderstandings after Imtiaz (Karan Jotwani) enters their lives. The star cast of the series is a mixture of starlets, Instagram influencers, and veteran actors. Check out the interesting mix of star cast below!

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1. Kushal Tandon As Sufiyaan

Kushal Tandon

Kushal Tandon plays the role of Sufiiyaan, a journalist and the love interest of Kaiynaat. He is a broody man and has flaming egoistic issues. Sufiyaan has had a difficult past and does not believe in true love. Will Kaiynaat help him reach his true potential?

2. Karan Jotwani As Imitiaz

Karan Jotwani

Karan Jotwani has done some exceptional roles in Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se and Qurbaan Hua. Imtiaz is a gentleman who cares for and respects the women in his life. Imtiaz is Kaiynaat and Sufiyaan’s childhood friend. But he becomes the trouble in their lover’s paradise.

3. Shiv Jyoti Rajput As Kaiynaat

Shiv Jyoti

Shiv Jyoti Rajput is the face of beauty and fashion brands! She has featured in advertisements and commercials. The role of Kaiynaat is a big break for her. Shiv Jyoti’s character is the third angle of the triangle and the most important one. A journalist herself,Kaiynaat loves Sufiyaan but cannot bear the thought of living with *the monster that he has become.

4. Sameer Malhotra As Adil Abdullah

Adil Abdullah

Sameer Malhotra is a veteran actor who has been seen in many digital series. The actor plays the role of Adil, Sufiyaan’s father, and the owner of a top news network. Adil has two wives, Rashida and Benazir. He is also the best friend of Imtiaz’s father Rashid.

5. Krutika Desai As Rashida

Krutika Desai

Krutika Desai is the face of Ma and the unconventional characters she has played in her career have given her recognition. Rashida is Sufiyaan’s mother and Adil’s first wife. Adil leaves Sufiyaan and Rashida to marry Benazir. This leaves a lasting impact on Sufiyaan and makes him hate the concept of love.

6. Ananya Bellos As Benazir

Ananya Bellos

Ananya Bellos is a familiar face of Television. As Benazir, Ananya plays the role of Sufiyaan’s stepmother. She is the second wife of Adil and the mother of Rahil. Benazir and Rahil feel that Sufiyaan and his mother do not hold a share of Adil’s property and financial success. Therefore, they want to eliminate Rashida and Sufiyaan.

7. Pratik Sehajpal As Rahil

Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal is known as the chocolate boy of reality television. His character Rahil is Sufiyaan’s stepbrother and Benazir’s son. His father Adil loves him very much but nonetheless, he is still jealous of his brother and feels like he overpowers him. Rahil is romantically connected to Kaiynaat’s sister, Falak. He tries to use his connection with Falak to hurt his brother who is in love with Falak’s sister Kaiynaat.

8. Mohit Chauhan As Farhad Alqazi

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan is seen in films and digital series. He is known for his serious roles. Farhad is Adil’s best friend and business partner. They have been friends for 30 years. Farhad is Dana’s husband and Imtiaz’s father. He is also the father of Hamid and Farah.

9. Suchitra Pillai As Dana

Suchitra Pillai

Suchitra Pillai was last seen in ZEE5’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai. Her character Dana is Farhad’s wife and Imtiaz’s mother. Dana does not like her husband’s association with Adil and his family. She knows that Farhad owns the major share in the media company and wants to separate the two friends.

10. Ishaan Dhawan As Hamid

Ishaan Dhawan

Ishaan Dhawan is an upcoming actor and a charming personality. Hamid is Imtiaz’s brother and a happy-go-lucky boy who is a favorite of his parents.

11. Juhaina Ahsan As Farah

Juhaina Ahsan

An Instagram influencer with a massive following Juhaina Ahsan is a perfect choice for this role. Farah is Dana and Farhad’s daughter and every bit the rich spoilt brat. She is Imtiaz and Hamid’s sister.

12. Indraneel Bhattacharya As Indrapreet Sahni

Indraneel Bhattacharya

Indraneel Bhattacharya has been seen in various digital and small screen ventures. He plays the role of Indrapreet Sahni, the father of Kaiynaat, Falak, Dilsher, and Harleen. The head of the Sahni family, he is married to Tahira.

13. Pubali Sanyal As Tahira

Publi Sanyal

Pubali Sanyal is another veteran actor who has impressed the audience with her acting skills. She plays the role of Kaiynaat’s mother Tahira.

14. Aditi Vats As Harleen

Aditi Vats

Aditi Vats is an actress who has appeared in a few brand commercials. She is a suitable face for the role of Harleen, Kaiynaat’s sister and Indrapreet’s daughter.

15. Saloni Vora As Falak

Saloni Vora

Saloni Vora is an Instagram influencer and this is her first big project. The actress plays the stylish sister of Kaiynaat. Falak is romantically involved with Sufiyaan’s stepbrother Rahil.

16 Mahir Pandhi As Dilsher

Mihir Pandhi

Mahir Pandhi has acted in several Bollywood films as a strong side character. In the series, he plays the role of Dilsher, Kaiynaat’s brother, and Indrapreet’s son.

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