Look Out For Tollywood’s Known Face Rajesh Sharma In His Digital Debut Karkat Rogue

He’s a regular in both Hindi and Bengali movies. Find out what the actor has to say about the ZEE5 Original Series.


Be it Bollywood or Tollywood, Rajesh Sharma has made his mark with his acting skills. The Dream Girl actor has ben a part of many memorable films and has managed to captivate the audience every single time. While he has been a known name in the movie industry, with the bi-lingual ZEE5 Original Series Karkat Rogue, the actor just made his digital debut. You can watch the series below:

Karkat Rogue focuses on the subject of corruption in the medical field. ‘Karkat Rogue’ refers to cancer, a disease that is known to kill a person from inside. Corruption is similar to it, as it kills the society from inside. The series speaks about corruption that happens in the medical world. The thought is how the system is affected if doctors, the lifesavers we entrust our lives, turn corrupt.

Rajesh Sharma in a scene from the ZEE5 Original Karkat Rogue (Source: ZEE5)

Rajesh Sharma plays the role of a man called Ravikant. His wife is a doctor but he is a conman. While his personality may initially sound like a negative character, he is not. The story changes his role completely. When his wife dies under mysterious conditions, he begins his crusade of finding the truth behind her death.

His character sure sounds intriguing, don’t you think? Sharma says that the series is close to his heart because the producer, Pritam Choudhury, and he started their careers at the same time in Kolkata. Life seems to have come full circle for the two. They started as young ambitious friends with big-screen dreams, and now they’ve made it big in the industry.

A scene from Karkat Rogue (Source: ZEE5)

Sharma has become well-known for taking up unconventional roles — he has a flair for choosing offbeat stories. It’s for the same reason that he took up Karkat Rogue. He told ZEE5 in an interview: “There are not many shows that touch upon this topic.”

Having lived in Kolkata for long, Sharma is naturally comfortable talking in Bengali. So for Karkat Rogue, doing the same scenes in both Hindi and Bengali was easy. According to him, it’s just the mood that changes in each version – otherwise, the essence of the series remains the same.

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