Looking Back At The Hottest Couples From Season 1 Of REJCTX

Before we look at the bolder version of the REJCTX in Season 2, here's a look at some of the couples that were a hot mess, from Season 1.

Romantic couples from season 1 of REJCTX

Hottest Couples from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5
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The students of Jefferson World High are back in REJCTX. And by the looks of the trailer of the new season, the series is set to get bolder and sexier. Before we look at what awaits us in season 2, here are 5 hot but also kind of messed up, romances we have seen in the first season of REJCTX.

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1. Aarav And Anushka

Ahmed Masi and Kubbra Sait from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5
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Aarav’s relationship with the school counselor, Anushka Rao was messed up to say the least. First, she is the one who manipulates him, to stop him for being with anyone else, including Kiara. However, in the end he feels betrayed by her after finding out that she slept with his father too. This hot couple had everything against them, right from the beginning.

2. Parnomita's Abusive Boyfriend

RIdhi Khakar from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5
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Parnomita falls in love with the asian kid, Wong, from the same school. However, she asks him to wait till she is ready to sleep with him. Instead he tries to force himself on her, and is stopped right before things get out of hand. This was another messed up relationship, that could have ended differently.

3. Maddy And Misha

Maddy and Misha from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5z
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Misha has a crush on Maddy, the hot stud in school, right from her first. She joins the cheerleading team, and finally gets his attention. However, when things finally seem to be going her way, Maddy gets cold feet. His mother is a porn star, and that fact stops him from getting intimate with any other woman. Apart from that dark detail their’s was a pretty steamy romance.

4. Aarav and Kiara

Aarav and Kiara from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5
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Kiara’s whole purpose of entering the school was because her mother wanted her too woo Aarav. Their relationship starts off with her hating Aarav, and being vengeful towards him. However, she ends up falling in love with Aarav without intending to. But now the question is, if Kiara’s mother will approve of Aarav, since his violent mental breakdown at the end of season 1.

5. Sehmat and Misha

Misha and Sehmat from Season 1 of REJCTX on ZEE5
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In a series full of messed up relationships. the one that feels perfect is between Sehmat and Misha. However, they keep their love a secret, fearing how people will react. Another problem in their relationship is they both are on some level, attracted to Maddy. We cannot wait to see how their romance takes shape in the second season.

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