Loser Jukebox: Three Soulful Songs From This ZEE5 Original That Will Surely Impress You

The upcoming ZEE5 original show, Loser encompasses three soulful songs through its 10 episodes. You can now listen to the jukebox here.

Loser Jukebox

Our expectations are skyrocketing, during the lockdown, with all that’s going on on ZEE5. Its upcoming Telugu original show, Loser is all set to release tomorrow. Starring Priyadarshi, Shashank and Annie in the lead roles, Loser is directed by Abhilash Reddy. This is a first-of-its-kind sports-drama which traces the lives of three sportspersons over three decades. Although they’re all losers, they help in one big and happy victory.

Watch the trailer of Loser here:

Recently, the jukebox of this sports-drama was released by popular music composer, Anup Rubens. The 10-episode series consists of three songs composed, arranged and programmed by Sriram Maddury. These songs are nothing short of soulful music. And we’re sure, they will soon make it to your favourite playlist.

Pilichinade Neelo Ashe 

The first track in Loser’s album is Pilichinade Neelo Ashe. As soon as the song starts playing, the atmosphere changes to be calmer. We’ve experienced it first hand, and there are no complaints. The dominant instrument is a violin which really makes it a soothing experience. Adding to its beauty, the song has been sung by the one and only, Chinmayi Sripada. Lyricist Ganesh Salaadi tries to awaken the lost hope and spirit through his words.

Nene Nuvvu Anthe

Nene Nuvvu Anthe is the second song in the album and is sung by Shakhisree Gopalan. This one, too, has a soft melody. The singer adds a jazz-like feel to it with her amazing performance. In all honesty, the song reminds us of some great tracks that have come out of Malayalam films off-late.

Hey, Ee Sandram Lotay Enthunnaa

Just by reading the title, one will know what the song is all about. Yes, Hey, Ee Sandram Lotay Enthunnaa is an upbeat track that is meant make your adrenaline rush. However, what we find fascinating about it is the fact that it isn’t harsh on your ears. Instead, this one flows as gently as the other two songs and yet does its job perfectly. It is sung by Kaala Bhairava and is written by one of the writers of Loser, Sai Bharadwaj.

Loser is a 10-episode series spanning up to 30 minutes each. It releases on ZEE5 on May 15th, 2020.

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