Loser Posters: Priyadarshi, Shashank And Annie Turn Into Suri, Wilson And Ruby

Three new posters about the lead characters of ZEE5 Original Loser have surfaced on the Internet. And it gives us a sneak peek into their lives.

Loser Character Posters

To make your lockdown better, something special is coming your way. After hits like Gods Of Dharmapuri and Chadarangam, ZEE5 is all set to be back with a bang. This time, it is a new web-series titled Loser. Starring Priyadarshi, Shashank and Annie in the lead, the show is a sports drama. It is directed by Abhilash Reddy, and the team consists of members of the Annapurna College of Films and Media alumni.

Watch the promo of Loser here:

The promo of Losers was released and gives us a small peek into what is coming our way. The show appears to be serious and gritty in its ambition and approach. Recently, the character posters of the lead actors. Check it out here.

Priyadarshi in Loser
Priyadarshi in Loser

Priyadarshi will be seen playing the role of Suri, an air rifle shooter.  The show traces his journey through ups and downs. It was the good and the bad that got him closer to the moment of victory. Suri is all about hard work and focus. Let’s see what entails in his journey.

Shashank in Loser
Shashank in Loser

An angry young man and madman on the fields. Meet Wilson, who was the loved cricketer of his times. He dealt with everything that came his way during the ’80s. But what is he up to now?

Annie in Loser
Annie in Loser

Finally, here’s Ruby. Running away from problems is always more convenient than standing up and facing harsh realities. Ruby sees a similar graph too. But when rebellion strikes her, she is out to get what she wants against all odds.

Join them on their special journey. Stay tuned and watch Loser on ZEE5, on May 15, 2020.

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