Love U Ganesha: This Animated Film Can Teach Your Kid How To Bond With God!

The movie highlights the pure bond between God and his an innocent devotee Chintu. Watch Love U Ganesha with your children on ZEE5 Kids for free.

The movie showcases a pure bond between God and an innocent kid

Love u ganesha
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Love U Ganesha is an animated ZEE5 original movie which is directed by Anjum Khan. The story of the movie revolves around a fifth-grade student Chintu who faces issues in his daily life. Though he wants to achieve several things in life but does escapes from doing hard work. He keeps complaining to Lord Ganesha about his struggles and suddenly, one night, Lord Ganesha enters into Chintu’s room. He promises to improve his life as he considers him as his BFF. Lord Ganesha guides Chintu in achieving his goals and makes him do hard work. Chintu had an amazing bond with Lord Ganesha and both were best friends. Lord Ganesha was worried for her friend but promised to make him best in life. A best friend must hold your hand and face life together despite ups and downs. The movie showcases a pure bond between God and an innocent kid. Like Chintu, every kid should have a bond with the Lord and believe in the almighty.

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1. Believe in the power of the Almighty

Love U Ganesha
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In the movie, Chintu is always seen complaining to Lord Ganesha for having troubles in his life. Right from parental pressure to bad grades in school, Chintu faces the brunt of everything. Chintu considers Lord Ganesha as his friend and like any other friend he complains to God.

2. Consider the Lord as your friend

Love U Ganesha
source: zee5

Chintu considers Lord Ganesha as his friend and keeps complaining of having issues in life. Chintu tells Lord Ganesha that he wants to achieve everything in life but does not want to do hard work. Lord Ganesha too considers Chintu as his closest friend and promises to improve his life. In today’s era, one needs an inseparable bond with the Lord as Chintu had in the movie.

3. Pray to the Lord and seek his blessings

Love u Ganesha
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Parents must inculcate values in their kids. They should make their kids understand the importance of praying and seeking blessings from the Lord. Praying to the Lord makes one feel positive and helps to achieve success.

4. Have Faith in the Lord

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One of the most effective tools in creating a bond with the Lord is to have faith in Him. A person should feel the presence of God around them and this happens when they believe in him.

5. God gives you what is best for you

Love U Ganesha
Love U Ganesha

The Lord always protects His children from problems. The Lord gives everyone what they deserve in life, based on their actions and efforts.

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