Maharashtra Government Formation 2019: 5 Tasks The New Govt Should Tackle

Regardless of who forms the govt. in Maharashtra, the state deserves a stable government.

Maharashtra Govt formation

Maharashtra Government Formation 2019: The political chaos and conundrum over who will form the next government in the state of Maharashtra continues with no clarity in sight. After the BJP, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari invited Shiv-Sen to claim stake. However, after turning down Sena’s request for a three-day extension, Sharad Pawar-led National Congress Party has been extended an invitation to form the govt. NCP has 24 hours to accept and respond. Discussions amongst NCP and it’s allied Congress are on while predictions suggest Sena might join NCP-Congress too. However, no official announcement has been made just yet.

Regardless of who forms the govt. in Maharashtra, the state deserves a stable government. As a resident of the state, I have listed down five tasks I would want the new government to tackle.

1. Drought and flood relief

The Marathwada region in Maharashtra has witnessed the worst drought situation in the past five-six years, creating a tension on the state’s agrarian condition. Besides, several parts were hit by floods and are awaiting relief and rehabilitation services.

2. Maintenance of roads and highways

The state of roads and highways has gone from worse to worst in the past few years. Not only are the roads filled with potholes but even flyovers have been compromised. The new govt. should look into using sustainable material to fix roads and meet deadlines before the monsoon.

3. Making farmers debt-free

Drought and floods have compelled farmers to switch from farming to jobs, as many consider moving to the city for a stable income. Besides, the debts taken for farming activities pose a direct pressure with no proper water management system in place, leading to suicides year after year.

4. Creation of jobs

Many parties had promised employment and fixed-wage in their pre-poll agenda. The time has come for the new govt. to deliver on their word and create jobs for people.

5. Education

Awareness about education has reached several remote areas but the same is not reflecting in the number of children in classrooms. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow, it is only essential we have an educated generation to lead the nation.

Who do you think will form the new govt. in Maharashtra? What are the things you want it to focus on? Share your views in the comments box below.