Maharashtracha Favorite Kon: 7 Games That Made Stars Reveal Their Darkest Secrets

Swwapnil Joshi declared himself as the selfie king while Prarthana Behere revealed she had a crush on Nana Patekar. More fun facts inside!

1. Rapid Fire

Maharashtracha Favorite Kon is an award function hosted annually by Zee Marathi to honour the celebrities contributing to the Marathi industry with their impeccable talent. The evening is filled with glamour and enthusiasm where the celebrities perform and entertain everyone with their dance, comic acts and more. The trophy which looks like a crown is then handed over to the most popular artists from the industry in categories like ‘Maharashtracha favourite actor and actress,’ and more. Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2019 included appearances by biggies such as Mrinal Kulkarni and Swwapnil Joshi who walked home with the trophies. Today, we bring you some fun games that these celebrities indulged in and ended up revealing their deepest, darkest secrets!

Watch the entire event here.

The fun began with celebs playing the famous game of rapid-fire where they were asked about their first celebrity crush. Swwapnil won the hearts by announcing that his first crush was Madhuri Dixit Nene while Prajakta Mali revealed that hers was Salman Khan!

2. Game Of Three

Next, the celebrities were asked about the three things that they would do with their award. Some said they would dance, kiss and pose with the award, but the winning answer was by Rasika Sunil who said that she would take a thousand selfies with it!

3. Mind Games

The celebrities were asked to reply with one word to a word that the host presented to them. For example, when the host said “love,” Swwapnil said “Aai.” The host went on to grill the celebs with words like friendship, award, and success. Check out the video to know more.

4. The Favorite Quiz

Next, the celebs were asked about their favourite holiday destination, co-star and food. While most of them said that London was their favourite country to visit, everyone agreed that homecooked meals were their preferred cuisine. Prarthana Behere revealed that Swwapnil Joshi was her favourite co-actor. How sweet!

5. Bloopers

Although not a game, this video is worth a watch as Mrinal Kulkarni came to the host’s rescue here when the latter missed out on a few words. Mrinal saved the day by helping the host turn this awkward moment into a pun. Don’t miss this one at any cost.

6. Celebs Turn Jury

The celebs were then asked to assign these awards to their fellow industry members- ‘Miss Beautiful Smile,’ ‘Selfie King and Queen,’ ‘Mr. and Miss Perfectionist,’ etc. Vaibhav Tattwawadi was unanimously voted as ‘Mr. Perfectionist,’ while there were many contenders for ‘Miss Beautiful Smile’ including Priya Bapat and Madhuri Dixit Nene. Swwapnil awarded himself the title of ‘Selfie King!’

7. Maharashtracha Favourite Kon Time Check

The host then asked the celebs to reveal the amount of time they took to get ready for the awards night. Prarthana said that she took 30 minutes to dress up while Prajakta Mali revealed that she took two hours for the same! Which of these videos did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section!

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