Meet The Characters Of Bhalla Calling Bhalla-The Lockdown Special Releasing on 20 May 2020

If you thought your family is driving you crazy during the lockdown you should watch the craziest family 'The Bhallas' on ZEE5.

Meet The Bhallas on ZEE5

Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
Source; ZEE5

While most people have returned home to be with their loved ones during the lockdown, the Bhallas have the opposite problem. Every member of this dysfunctional family is living away from each other. However, they still find ways to annoy and get on each other’s nerves in a comedic way just like any normal family. Watch the promo and meet the characters of this upcoming series which proves that even when everything is changing, some things never really change.

1. Mrs. Lovely Bhalla

Mrs. Bhalla From Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
Source: Twitter

The mother and the most important part of the family under lockdown, Mrs. Bhalla is played by the veteran TV actress Lubna Salim. While her entire family takes her for granted before the lockdown, after the lockdown begins they all go to her with their complaints and worries. Also, she is the president of ‘Happy Ladies Club’.

2. Mr. Bhalla

Mr. Bhalla From Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
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Rajesh Kumar who gained popularity as Roshesh in Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai will be seen playing the role of Mr. Bhalla in this series. He is a self-satisfied husband and businessman. However, just like Roshesh, Mr. Bhalla would call himself a poet too. When the lockdown begins he is in Chandigarh away from his wife and he is worried about who will cook for him now.

3. Gogi The Yogi

Gogi From Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
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In tough times we all turn to spirituality to keep us sane. The Bhallas have their own Yogi, named Gogi, who will be played by Gaurav Gera. He is Zen and seems to give good advice but he also has a mischievous side and asks people questions like ‘I hope you are not positive… Corona positive?’

Watch him talk about his comedic process on Table for Two with Mona Singh.

4. Sahil Bhalla

Sahil From Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
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Leenesh Matoo will be seen as Sahil Bhalla in this comedy series. He is a chef who likes cooking but his real ambition is to be a star actor. That’s why he is in Mumbai when the lockdown begins and his biggest problem is that he cannot go party and meet his friends anymore.

Lisa a.k.a Arundhati Bhalla

Lisa From Bhalla Calling Bhalla on ZEE5
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Arundhati Bhalla is played by Gracy Goswami in this series and for some reason, her mother always calls her by her pet name ‘Lisa’ or ‘Lisu’. She is living in Jaipur during the lockdown in a PG with no cooking skills whatsoever!

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