Meet The Star Cast And Characters Of ZEE5 Upcoming Series Mafia

This murder mystery is centred around the popular parlour game 'Mafia'. The thriller web series Mafia is all about hidden agendas, mistrust and lies.

Mafia premieres on 9 July 2020, on ZEE5

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Mafia is an upcoming ZEE5 thriller web series based on a murder mystery. This crime thriller is directed by Birsa Dasgupta. The series features Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Saurabh Saraswath, Riddhima Ghosh, Anindita Bose, Madhurima Roy, Isha Saha in pivotal roles.

The story of the series will revolve around six college mates who reunite after five years to celebrate a wedding in Madhupur. Rishi, Ritwik, Ananya, Samand Neha seem to be uneasy around each other and do not want to meet. The series is centred around the popular game ‘Mafia’ which is a gruesome psychological thriller that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. In the game, the gamers are forced to confront and pay for their crimes. Let’s take a look at the star cast and characters of this murder mystery called Mafia.

1. Anindita Bose - Neha

Anindita Bose
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Actress Anindita Bose will essay the role of Neha in the show who will be seen as the most genuine person among all her friends. Neha’s character in the show is shown as a person who cares for everyone and wishes for societal reform. Neha always tries to protect Ananya and treats everyone equal.

2. Saurabh Saraswat - Ritwik

Saurabh Saraswat
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Actor Saurabh Saraswat will play the role of Ritwik in Mafia. Ritwik is an upper-middle-class boy from Kolkata, who is madly in love with Tania and does everything to make her his ladylove. Ritwik is a male chauvinist who feels that woman should wait for a man, as he works to make a living and considers females as a property. Ritwik and Tanya had been the power couple of the campus but they shift their focus on other things in life.

3. Aditya Bakshi - Sam

Aditya Bakshi
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Actor Aditya Bakshi essays the role of Sam in the series. Sam is the most insecure person among his friends as he is from a lower-middle-class family and feels privileged when he is around his affluent friends. He is the archetypal leech and clings to a man who is rich and emotionally unstable.

4. Tanmay Dhanania - Rishi

Tanmay Dhanania
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Actor Tanmay Dhanania will be seen essaying the role of Ritwik who is this rich kid. He is a brat who gets what he wants and lives life king size. He considers himself as the leader of the group and is the person who pays for the party. He is madly in love with Tania but does not approach her as he knows that his best friend loves her. Rishi has a weakness for dark women and power to buy sex. It is a product of his chauvinist and supremacist upbringing.

5. Ishaa Swapnil - Ananya

Isham Saha
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Actress Ishaa Swapnil will essay the role of Ananya who is a troubled girl. Molested by her uncle and threatened by her aunt, she tries her level best to fit in the group but never understands what the society deems as cool or chill. Ananya is meek and lives under constant fear and she cannot enjoy her happiness. The unnatural sexual suppression is something that hinders her sociability. She gets into a relationship with Sam and the latter manipulates her.

6. Madhurima Roy - Tanya

Madhurima Roy
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Actress Madhurima Roy will essay the role of Tanya in Mafia. She plays an intelligent and ambitious girl. Tanya is a person who can compromise someone’s emotions to get what she desires. She is not ashamed of the way she is as it comes naturally to her.

7. Ankita Chakraborty - Bidhua

Ankita Chakraborty
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Actress Ankita Chakraborty will essay the role of Bidhua who is a dusky, sultry native woman. Bidhua is a housemaid who does work in Madhupur bungalow right up till her mysterious disappearance five years ago. Bidhua is shown as an honest, simple woman who works hard to raise her daughter, Kamli.

8. Namit Das - Nitin

Namit Das
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Actor Namit Das will essay the role of Nitin plays a Dalit who is into the police force. He feels frustrated thinking that the police force hardly recognises the lower caste as human beings. He feels that they overlook lynching and does not solve murders involving Dalits. Due to all this, Nitin develops a maniacal, obsession for cases for lower castes and takes the risk to find justice.

9. Riddhima Ghosh - Priyanka

Riddhima Ghosh
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Actress Riddhima Ghosh will essay the role of Priyanka and has a dream to get married and stay happily ever after. She soon finds her partner in Ritwik and tolerates his chauvinist outlook due to her upbringing. Priyanka is submissive and looks for ways to impress her progressive husband. Priyanka tries hard to be like Tania and has no idea of her husband’s past.

10. Gourab Chatterjee - Kunal

Gourab Chatterjee

Actor Gourab Chatterjee will essay the role of Kunal who is a privileged man who studied abroad. Kunal meets Tania while studying abroad and falls for her beauty. Both Kunal and Tania usually have superficial conversations. After knowing Tania’s past he gets to know the kind of woman he is getting married to.

Mafia will premiere from 9 July 2020, on ZEE5. The series will have eight episodes and will be released in Hindi and Bengali.

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