Miss Your Girl Gang? Watch These Series Together While Social Distancing!

Right from Mentalhood, Fittrat, RejctX to Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, these ZEE5 series will make you miss your girl gang in this quarantine.

Every girl needs her girl gang to survive the ups and downs in life

girls gang

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and strict stay at home laws due to the spread of the deadly virus, it’s becoming difficult to pass time. Being away from our girl gang in this lockdown is adding to the mental stress.

1. RejctX

Fashionable swimwear in REJCTX 2
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In this ZEE5 original series, there is a bunch of school going kids who have been ignored by the world. These girls go and establish their own identity with their unique music.

2. Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain


In this romantic-drama series, Ananya, Cheery and Vandy are best friends for life and cherish moments together. Right from being there for each other to have each other’s back, they teach us the importance of having a girl gang in one’s life. Vandy and Cherry were always supporting Ananya and were right beside her in difficult situations.

3. Fittrat

Krystle D'souza and Anushka Ranjanl in Fittrat still
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In this series, Tarini and Amy are besties since childhood and share everything. The girls move from Dehradun to Delhi and do not hide anything from each other.

4. Mentalhood

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In this emotional series, Meira, Diksha, Namrata, Preity and others have always managed to help each other and stood through thick and thin for one another. Learning from their mistakes to teaching each other the mantra of successful parenting, these girls gang rocked at every level.

5. Mission Over Mars

Mission Over Mars (MOM) Review
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In this drama series, Nandita Hariprasad and Moushmi Ghosh were shown as women scientists and were office friends. Both were shown as mothers and were completely different from each other. Both Nandita and Moushmi proved everyone that women can do anything in life despite being at any position in the workplace.

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