Monday Motivation: Kick-Start Your Week With Rakulpreet’s Belief, Strong Is The New Sexy

We have our faith in the hot and happening Rakulpreet Singh, and her belief that being strong is the new definition of being sexy. Check it out.

Rakulpreet Singh

It’s yet another mundane Monday, but we will make sure that the blues don’t come waving over your happiness. To start off the week with an amazing dose of motivation, we have our very own glam queen. Rakulpreet Singh is a walking piece of inspiration for every youngster. Her tales of fitness and the strict regimes are no alien to us. Even today, let her words guide you into a better tomorrow.

Watch her in the thriller film, Spyder with Mahesh Babu here:

From weight lifting and cardio to CrossFit and Yoga, there is nothing that this Tollywood lady hasn’t given a shot to. Each time, she has successfully tackled the task. However, Rakul insists that nothing comes easy and persistence is her only key. She also reinforces our belief in this idea, time and again, through her Instagram posts, public speeches and interviews. Recently, she shared a post on her social media as she attempted the head-stand, without supports. 

She writes, “from a relatively weaker neck to doing a headstand, the sense of achievement and high you feel once you overcome your fears is priceless”. And truly, we couldn’t agree more. The actor thanked her trainer while also turning her fitness beliefs into hashtags. Because, let’s be real, that’s how you get the attention of millions of youngsters. She adds “Strong Is The New Sexy” and “Fitness is Fun”. Now that you have a hashtag to go with your fitness posts online, let’s start moving!

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