Monday Motivation: Learn How To Do Split Squats Like Actor Arjun Chakrabarty

The actor is a fitness fanatic, and keeps posting videos of his workout to inspire us to follow his lead.


Trust ZEE5 Original Satyameva Jayate actor Arjun Chakrabarty to keep giving us fitness inspiration. The actor is one of the few from Tollywood who take fitness seriously and no matter how busy the schedule is, doesn’t skip the workout. His sculpted body is proof of how seriously he takes his sessions at the gym. Arjun regularly posts photos of his workout to motivate his fans to follow his example. After all, fitness is the key to good health!

The latest form of exercise that the actor has taken up is split squats. He has coupled them with leg curls for a massive leg exercise. Watch him do the gruelling schedule here. Check out how easy Arjun is making it all look. Here’s to some Monday motivation.

Split squats, or Bulgarian split as it is commonly known among fitness enthusiasts, is a kind of a single-leg squat. This kind of workout puts extra emphasis on the quads and targets most of the muscles a traditional squat would target. The suave actor is making it look all so easy. Watch him display his acting skills in Satyameva Jayate below:

Want to know the benefits of Bulgarian split squads? There are plenty. Read on to find out:

It makes the muscles of your legs strong. These include your quads, the hamstrings, the glutes and the calf muscles.

Since it is a single-leg exercise, your core muscles are forced to work extra so that you can maintain your balance. That’s why Arjun had to put in so much effort.

That’s not all. Bulgarian split squats are easier for your lower back compared to traditional squats as they put all the emphasis on your legs instead of the back. So if you have a back problem, this is an ideal exercise for you.

Ever tried out the Bulgarian split squat? Let us know in the comments section below.

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