Monday Motivation: Let Shraddha Das Guide You On Achieving A Toned Belly

This mundane Monday, get working and learn how to get a toned belly that you have always dreamt of. Read all about it here

Actor Shraddha Das started her career with the Allari Naresh led Siddu from Srikakulam in 2008. However, she got her breakthrough as Shanti in Allu Arjun’s sequel, Arya 2, which also starred Kajal Aggarwal and Navdeep. In the film, Shraddha posed as the go-getter who laid her eyes on the ‘Mr Perfect’. We saw her in her most-glamorous avatar. From chiffon sarees to sexy blouses and a smile that knows its way to your heart, we’re sure, there wasn’t a single soul out there who could resist her charm. 

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In recent years, Shraddha has gained an immense following on social media and the beauty with brains is putting it to perfect use. If you, like us, have been a fan of her toned body, she has let us in to know her process. Of course, it is a long and difficult road. But given the results, you know, it is all worth it. Today, let Shraddha guide you on getting that dreamy-toned belly.

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Shraddha’s secret is yoga. Well, there’s a reason why people say, “yoga se hoga”. So, get your yoga mats and stretch it out. In order to achieve that dreamy and flat belly, the yoga asanas that Shraddha follows are Malasana – which involves sitting in a squat position with your back straight and hands joined in a namaskaram – and two variations of Bharadvajasana – which include settling down straight and stretching your torso on either side.

Shraddha Das
Shraddha Das

Malasana, the actor says, sets metabolism in action and activates the digestive system. It helps in increasing flexibility of knee and ankles. Bharadvajasana helps in stretching the spine, shoulders and hips. It also improves digestion and massages abdominal organs. While you are trying it, also be sure to go ahead and do the plank pose, for as long as you can hold yourself. This helps in strengthening the core.

What are you waiting for? Get out and let the healthy vibes in. Stay tuned for more motivation every Monday and read about your favourite stars right here. For now, you can check out the gripping crime-thriller series, Hawala on ZEE5.