Monday Motivation: Shesh Theke Shuru Star Jeet Has A Great Lesson For All Of Us

Start your week with the right kind of inspiration from the Tollywood superstar.


Monday morning blues is a very common problem! Getting back to the grind after a good weekend can be a really tough job, we get that, no matter how much you love your work. However, with the right kind of motivation, you may be able to start the day on a good note. Shesh Theke Shuru star Jeet knows that all too well. The Tollywood superstar, who regularly puts up images with motivational quotes as captions, is someone you can borrow some Monday motivation from.

Here is something that will help you start the last Monday of the year with a bang. Read what he has to say, below.

He writes: “Focus on your goal… Do not forget to watch left and right. Cheers.” While the message is simple, the post still serves its purpose of motivating people to move cautiously ahead towards their goal. As he says, it is important to focus on your goals. At the same time, it is also necessary for every one of us to be careful while planning or starting a new task. This is indeed a piece of advice to always remember! And it couldn’t have come at a better time with a brand new year just around the corner when we are all planning our goals and drawing up those resolutions!

So, buck up and get going! A brand new week has begun and it’s time to prove that you are all ready to rock it. Meanwhile, you can watch Jeet in the latest Bengali film Shesh Theke Shuru below.

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