Monday Motivation: Tamannaah Shares Her Pamper Routine For Hair And It Might Surprise You

Wondering how to take care of your hair in an easy and hassle-free way? Allow Tamannaah to share the secret behind her black and silky straight hair.


All these days and years, Monday mornings were hectic and demanding. But since the lockdown, things have been different, and better in some way. It allows us more time for ourselves. And guess what it means? Well, you start off a new week with the right spirit by pampering yourself before a long week ahead. This Monday, we would like you to check out an age-old ayurvedic recipe which actor Tamannaah loves following. Caution! It may surprise and shock you.

Watch her in Tadakha with Naga Chaitanya here:

In an Instagram TV video, Tamannaah shared that the secret behind her luscious black hair is onion juice. You heard it right! The actor explains that she is now used to extreme and bizarre responses to this face. “How can you do that” to “I will never do it”, Tamanaah’s friends have given her all the possible reactions. She further adds that this ayurvedic recipe is extremely helpful and her personal favourite, despite how people react to it.


Scientifically speaking, onion juice has several benefits. It can help in reducing hair loss and even provide the scalp and hair follicles with nutritious elements. Onion has a high concentration of sulfur. And its juice extends the sulfur to our hair follicles which help in the growth of newer and stronger strands of hair. The onion juice also is helpful in the production of collagen which makes our skin looking younger and healthier.

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